The Adventures of Pilnik


Pilnik, the Goblin Rogue — my first true Horde Character.

As previously discussed in my post about never having played Horde, I planned on leveling a new Rogue and playing through as a Horde character to get a feel for the lore.  It’s been several weeks since I posted about that, and had actually gotten started on this project a few weeks ago, but time constraints have kept me from posting.  I’ve actually enjoyed playing as a Goblin so far, and I intend to keep at it until 100.

On another note, Heirloom gear is both awesome and a curse.  It’s amazing how powerful you are leveling in the stuff; up to level 40 it’s a bit too powerful.  Being able to one-shot almost anything really doesn’t teach you much about a class leveling up, but I suppose that’s not as important as leveling quickly to most players.  I feel that if you really want to get a feel for a class and quest zones you’ve never done before, you might be better off without the heirloom gear. You won’t out-level everything so quickly.  But I digress…here is the story of my exploits as Pilnik, the Goblin Rogue…

HeirloomsAfter I loaded in for the first time, I quickly loaded up with heirlooms and started to look more like a Rogue, and less like a short, squatty and green Han Solo.  As I was questing, I have to say that I really like the Goblin starting zone; it’s certainly unique, and having leveled many characters over the years, something completely new was very nice.  I especially liked how my “associates” all had titles that pointed out their roles in my new toon’s life.  I enjoyed it even more after some things went down, and they referred to themselves as my former <insert job>.   Probably my Favorite series of quests involved riding in a Hot Rod.

As I’ve stated, I’ve never played seriously played a Horde toon before, and I knew that greed and acquisition were traits that Goblins had, but I never realized to what extent.  Apparently Goblin society is very obsessed with status and material objects.  That seemed to be a driving force in the intro questlines.  Speaking of driving, the Heirloom motorcycle is nice, but I really enjoyed the Hot Rod.  I certainly hope I can pick one of those up at some point.  If not, that’s something Blizzard needs to work on ASAP.

I certainly have enjoyed the change of style and pace so far, and I’m looking forward to spending some more time playing Horde.  I thought I’d wrap up with a few pictures of m exploits so far.  I’ve survived the Cataclysm, rode on some sweet vehicles, met a Warchief or two and got over my apprehension of entering a base with Horde flags.



One Response to The Adventures of Pilnik

  1. Adam says:

    I have been reading your blog as I level my rogue (on a private server atm, won’t name it but it’s WOTLK – but I may go back to retail in the future).
    I wonder if you stopped playing wow after this post which seems to be the last one? Best of luck dude and thank you for the very helpful page
    I suspect when wotlk launches on wow classic you may get a lot of hits on your blog because google certainly directed me here when I was looking up various wotlk resources 🙂

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