The Other Side of the Coin

I am, and have always been an Alliance player.  It’s not that I have any grudge against the Horde, I’ve just played with people that have also always played Alliance.  I’m primarily a PvE player, and I’ve thoroughly played through most if not all of the Alliance quest-lines over the years.  I know practically nothing about the Horde side, and I intend to rectify that issue.

I’m not going to faction change any of my characters, but I did recently have an idea.  Patch 6.1 and the new heirloom system will make it very easy to roll a new Horde Rogue.  I intend to level through at least one character Horde-side in this patch, maybe more.  I haven’t leveled a Rogue from scratch since BC, and if nothing else, it will help me write and update a lot of very out of date material on the blog.  I don’t foresee any live-streams (I think watching me level would be less than exciting), but I do plan on blogging about the experience.  I could use a little help getting started though.

I am full on Lightbringer and I don’t want to delete any characters to make room.  I want to know if anyone could recommend a good US server (PvE or PvP) that has a healthy population of Horde Players, but isn’t overcrowded.  Also, I really am interested in learning more about the Horde culture and lore.  If there are any zones or quest hubs that are unique to the Horde side that I should go out of my way to see, let me know.  Finally, does anyone have a race recommendation?  The easy choice would be Goblin, as I see them as the Gnome equivalent, but I’m open to anything, excepting Pandaren.  Nothing against Pandas, but I’ve already seen that starting zone.

Anyway, I’m excited to get this started soon, so let me know if you have any suggestions that would help.


– Sam

P.S. – Wouldn’t a BoA (Unique) 16 slot bag be a great addition to the game?

4 Responses to The Other Side of the Coin

  1. repgrind says:

    Up to Draenor, you’re going to be playing in cross realm zones, so the population of the actual server won’t have much impact unless you’re on one of the overcrowded ones. I play on Kargath-Norgannon (they are linked) and it is usually listed as medium population. I could help you out there if you needed gold or bags or anything else.

    The goblin starting zone is pretty cool. The only bad thing is the inability to mail any … oh. Yeah. New heirloom tab. Maybe the lack of mail won’t matter anymore. Either way it is definitely worth seeing once. Or twice. Or more. heh. I’ve made several who have never made it past about 15, but I like doing their zone.

    Past that, I consider Silverpine Forest and Hillsbrad pretty much a must-see. You don’t have to go through them on a Forsaken, the story is the same either way. But it is fantastic, and with your Alliance background, I suspect you would be quite interested in the other side of the Gilneas saga.

    • samueltempus says:

      Thank you for the fantastic reply. I’ll make sure not to miss Silverpine and Hillsbrad. It should be interesting to compare the latter from the pre-Cata days. Also, I appreciate the offer for help (bags, etc.). If I roll on Kargath-Norgannon, I will definitely let you know. Maybe I’ll even get the chance to run something with you every now and then after I hit max level. 🙂

      I noticed the cross-realm when i was leveling the Monk and Warlock; I was very rarely alone in an area. It’s nice to see other people in zones again (unless they’re on the same quest I am). I was more concerned with over / under-crowded servers / X-realms in case I decided to find a nice guild home for the new guy.

      – Sam

      • repgrind says:

        If you do, or even if you don’t, you are welcome to add my battletag: repgrind#1492

        Not sure if you remember since it’s been awhile, but there are screenshots buried somewhere in my blog from a level 1 gnome Hogger raid we did some years back. 🙂

        • samueltempus says:

          Thanks for the memory jog; I had forgotten about that 🙂 I will go take a look in your archives for that, as those were fun times. Also, I’ll make sure to add your battletag.

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