Who is Samueltempus?

Who is Samueltempus, you ask?

Well, I’m a casual World of Warcraft player (my wife would disagree) and was the leader of the guild Bucklers of Swash on the US  PvP server, Mug’thol until 2010, when the guild transfered to Bleeding Hollow.  In the fall of 2010, I stopped playing WoW until I returned to the game in late Mists of Pandaria.  Bucklers of Swash still exists, albeit on the PvE Server, Lightbringer and I am back playing and raiding with many good old friends and a few new ones too.

Samueltempus, the Gnome Rogue, is my main, but I’ve been known to spend a good deal of time playing alts.  I currently have three Level 100 characters, the other two being Tanks (Paladin and Monk, respectively).  While I dabble in PvP from time to time, I’m primarily a PvE player.  We have a tight-knit and lighthearted raid group in Bucklers that has enjoyed progressing through the Draenor content thus far, and we’re looking forward to what 6.1 and beyond holds for us.

About the blog:

Initially, I wrote the blog as a way to get information out to my raid group.  Unfortunately, not long after I created the original Slice and Dice,  we created our first guild website and the blog sat dormant for months.  I picked it back up in September of ’08 and switched over to WordPress.  The blog’s been grew steadily since from that point until I took a three year hiatus.  Now that I’m back, I decided to update and renew the blog because I honestly missed the writing and community.

Before my break, I decided that in addition to talking about the experiences I had in-game, that I would start writing guides to help others learn and love the class as I do.  I haven’t always been perfect, and I’ve been corrected more times than I’d like to admit.  I feel that this blog has been a good place for Rogues to come together and learn, even if I’m the one doing the learning.  In checking the comments after I returned, I noticed the spirit of that continued, even when I did not.  To honor that, I plan on reigniting that part of the blog with updated guides for Draenor, as soon as I get everything else around here fixed.

I hope that in the future, the blog continues to serve as a forum for myself and others to help other players in any way we can, as well as a place for me to speak about my personal experiences in WoW.


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