Enchanting Your New Gear: Budget & Best

Enchanting your gear is a vital part of fulfilling your role in a group.  If you add all of the stats up from a properly enchanted Rogue’s gear, you’ll find that not having them at all would be roughly equivalent to removing a few pieces of gear.  Today, I’m going to give two enchantment examples for each gear slot; one example will be a good enchant that you can get on a budget, and the other will be the best in slot choice.

–  Enchanting Your New Gear: Budget & Best  –

Before we get started, I want to note that after I talk about each gear slot there are two more sections to this post you may be interested in.  The first is for Rogues who are still looking for more Expertise and Hit Rating; the second is a list of profession only enchants and Item enhancements.

Enchants by Slot


Budget Option:  Arcanum of Ferocity

  • 34 Attack Power / 16 Hit Rating
  • Requires Cenerian Expedition Revered
  • 85g at Revered

Best Option:  Arcanum of Torment

  • 50 Attack Power / 20 Critical Strike Rating
  • Requires Knights of the Ebon Blade Revered
  • 120g at Exalted



Budget Option: Lesser Inscription of the Axe

  • 30 Attack Power / 10 Critical Strike Rating
  • Requires Sons of Hodir Honored
  • 67.5g at Honored

Best Option: Greater Inscription of the Axe

  • 40 Attack Power / 15 Critical Strike Rating 



Budget Option: Superior Agility

  • 16 Agility
  • Materials needed: 9 Infinite Dust

Best Option: Major Agility

  • 22 Agility
  • Materials needed: 8 Infinite Dust, 2 Greater Cosmic Essence, 2 Dream Shard



Budget Option: Super Stats

  • +8 to all Stats
  • Materials Needed: 4 Infinite Dust, 2 Lesser Cosmic Essence

Best Option: Powerful Stats

  • + 10 to all Stats
  • Materials Needed: 4 Dream Shard, 4 Abyss Crystal



Budget Option: Striking

  • 38 Attack Power
  • Materials Needed: 6 Infinite Dust

Best Option: Greater Assault

  • 50 Attack Power
  • Materials Needed: 24 Infinite Dust, 6 Greater Cosmic Essence



Budget Option: Greater Assault

  • 35 Attack Power
  • Materials Needed: 6 Infinite Dust, 1 Dream Shard

Best Option: Crusher

  •  44 Attack Power
  • Materials Needed: 20 Infinite Dust, 4 Greater Cosmic Essence, 1 Dream Shard



Only Real Option: Eternal Belt Buckle

  • Extra Prismatic Gem Slot
  • Made by Blacksmiths
  • Materials Needed: 4 Saronite Bar, 1 Eternal Earth, 1 Eternal Water, 1 Eternal Shadow



Budget Option: Nerubian Leg Armor

  • 55 Attack Power / 15 Critical Strike Rating
  • Made by Leatherworkers
  • Materials Required: 4 Heavy Borean Leather, 1 Nerubian Chitin

Best Option: Icescale Leg Armor

  • 75 Attack Power / 22 Critical Strike Rating
  • Made by Leatherworkers
  • Materials Required: 2 Arctic Fur, 2 Nerubian Chitin, 1 Frozen Orb



Cheap and Best Option: Icewalker

  • 12 Hit Rating / 12 Critical Strike Rating
  • 8 Infinite Dust, 1 Crystalized Water



Budget Option: Greater Potency

  • 50 Attack Power
  • Materials Needed: 2 Infinite Dust, 4 Lesser Cosmic Essence

Medium Option: Mongoose

  • Occasionally increases Agility by 120 and attack speed slightly
  • Materials Required: 6 Void Crystals, 10 Large Prismatic Shards, 8 Greater Planar Essence, 40 Arcane Dust

Best Option: Berserking

  • Sometimes increases attack power 400, but at the cost of reduced armor
  • Materials Required: 12Infinite Dust, 4 Greater Cosmic Essence, 4 Dream Shard, 10 Abyss Crystal 


Stat Deficiencies

If you’ve got less than 26 Expertise, these enchants can help bring you closer to reaching it:

Gloves – Expertise

  • 15 Expertise Rating
  • Materials Needed: 12 Infinite Dust

Bracers – Expertise

  • 15 Expertise Rating
  • Materials Needed: 14 Infinite Dust, 3 Greater Cosmic Essence

If Hit rating is a concern because you’re Assassination Spec and you’re not at 216 Hit Rating (a very rare occurrence with full epic gear), then you can use the following:

Gloves – Precision

  • 20 Hit Rating
  • Materials Needed: 4 Greater Cosmic Essence

Weapon – Titanium Weapon Chain

  • 28 Hit Rating / 50% Disarm Reduction
  • Made by Blacksmiths
  • Materials Needed: 2 Saronite Bar, 1 Titanium Bar


Profession Enhcantments

Many of the professions have perks to them that are better than the standard enchants, the only requirement is that you have the profession.  The good news is that making these item enhancements is that not only are they cheaper than the best enchants I listed in the first part of this post, but they are better than those enchants as well.


Hands – Hyperspeed Accelerators

  • 340 Haste Rating for 12 secs.
  • 1 Minute cooldown

Feet – Nitro Boots

  • 24 Critical Strike Rating
  • Sprint Effect on use

Cloak – Flexweave Underlay

  • 23 Agility
  • Parachute Effect on use



Legs– Nerubian Leg Reinforcements

  • 75 Attack Power / 22 Critical Strike Rating
  • Much cheaper to make than Icescale Leg Armor

Wrist – Fur Lining – Attack Power

  • 130 Attack Power



Shoulders – Master’s Inscription of the Axe

  • 120 Attack Power / 15 Critical Strike Rating



Cloak – Swordguard Embroidery

  • Your melee attacks sometimes increase your Attack Power by 400 for 15 sec.



Rings – Assault

  • 40 Attack Power (per Ring)


– Conclusions –

If you’re newer to the game, you may not have enchanted much, and this might seem a bit daunting.  However, it’s important to look at the big picture and see what you’re gaining for your effort.

If you only enchant the Budget Enchants, you would end up with the following extra stats:

  • 292 Attack Power
  • 28 Hit Rating
  • 37 Critical Strike Rating
  • 24 Agility
  • 8 Strength
  • 8 Stamina
  • Extra Gem Socket
  • “Side Effects” – 8 Spirit, 8 Intel

The Best Enchants look like this:

  • 259 Attack Power
  • 59 Critical Strike Rating
  • 32 Agility
  • 12 Hit
  • 10 Strength
  • 10 Stamina
  • Extra Gem Slot
  • Sometimes increases attack power 400, but at the cost of reduced armor.  (this is on both weapons and does stack) 

As you can see, the best enchants will really give you a good boost over the budget ones, but even those make a significant difference.  I’d personally like to thank all of the hard work Zodar put into the spreadsheets at shadowpanther.net.  They helped tremendously in the writing of this post.  If you want a more in depth look at all enchants and how they stack up, that’s where you need to be looking.

**Only one Ret Paladin was harmed in the creation of this post.

– Sam


** And he got what he deserved.  I was at the Sons of Hodir Quartermaster looking up prices, and he attacked me while mounted.  I took off, healed, and got in my PvP gear / Spec.  He didn’t live long after that…

22 Responses to Enchanting Your New Gear: Budget & Best

  1. Kit says:

    Is it really better to forgo any additional run speed on the Boots enchant? I find it helpful, especially when moving in stealth.

  2. SpearXXI says:

    This is some good stuff. I can’t wait to get to 80! I’m at 73 now, and am plugging away at it. Now, I know not everyone will be honored with Sons of Hodir right off the bat at 80. It took my girlfriend forever to even do those quests, but she finally did. My question is what if you just hit 80 and still need to get rep up; which enchants will get you by till you are? Now, I use BoA shoulders with the SW pvp enchant you can buy at 70, so I won’t have to worry about shoulders enchants till I get my first BoP shoulders, but I figure it would be helpful to other rogues.

  3. Thimble says:

    The best news is that the 3.2 patch has caused the price of abyss crystals to dive, with the increased number of heroics being run, as well as the epic festival that is ToC. That means your berserking enchants, previously only for the wealthy, are actually pretty damn affordable. I’ve seen abyss crystals going for 30-35 gold, which is a hell of a lot less than the 100+ gold before the patch. That’s a savings of 650-700 gold on the cost of enchanting each weapon, and really, the rest of the mats on the enchant are pretty cheap (probably due to the insane number of crystals you need).

    Wonder when the new BIS weapon enchant for rogues is going to land.

  4. samueltempus says:


    For Combat I’d say it is better. You don’t need to spend a lot of time steathed, so mobility isn’t much of an issue.

    If you’re spec is Assassination, there’s a legitimate beef there. The standard Assassination specs don’t include any speed increases for Stealth, or provide room for Fleet Footed, so using a speed enchant might help overall. I’ve never really had an issue with mobility though.

    A reason I might not have that issue is my setup. I’m currently using my Mouse and my Logitech G13 Game pad for all movement and abilities. I think it really helps mobility, but I understand that not everyone has or wants that setup.

    Bottom line: They’re your enchants and if they work for you, great! Don’t let me or anyone else tell you what you have to do. Always go with what works. You start using spellpower enchants, I might have a few suggestions, but it sounds like you’ve got a good head on your shoulders.

    – Sam

  5. samueltempus says:


    There’s always the WG shoulder enchants. Granted they’re PvP, but better than nothing. Also if you are honored with Scryers/Aldor, you can farm up the mats to pay for those enchants pretty quickly. Better enchants if you’re exalted, but much more time to farm the Fel Armaments / Arcane Tomes.

    – Sam

  6. Sian says:

    Thanks so much – I’m an engineer, and hadn’t realised they’d buffed Flexweave and the Boots to the extent that they’re actually _better_ than the standard enchants as well as having the bonus on-use abilities!

  7. Mog says:

    Are you sure that berserking stacks? I run an Enh Shaman and have dual berserking and will only have 1 Berserk buff/proc at a time, unlike Mongoose where 2 buffs/procs will show up. I did some asking around and info hunting on this and found that the only way to get a double proc is if they occur simultaneously but if you have 1 proc’d the other may proc but will not give the buff. So far, it seems to hold up as true from my observations while raiding and thwacking on a test dummy.

  8. samueltempus says:


    I’ll do some testing on Berserking. I just upgraded my enchants to it yesterday and haven’t had a chance to try it. I just assumed that they would stack like other similar (Mongoose) procs. If what you said holds true, that’s pretty poor from a design perpsective. If the idea was to make it only able to proc 1 at a time, it should have been a 2h enchant, and something better should have been made available for dual wielding classes.

    That being the case, I might put Mongoose on my OH instead of Berserking. Hopefully they’ll proc at the same time.

    – Sam

  9. Aeltyra says:

    You should be able to get a double proc, and I personally was very frustrated when I lost the increased run speed from Fleet Footed when going from Muti to Combat, so I did get a run speed enchant for my boots – IMO, sprint and KSpr didn’t always cut it when there’s a lot of mobility needed.

  10. Thimble says:

    I see two strong arms up in my buff tray all the time. Berserking definitely stacks.

  11. samueltempus says:

    Thanks for the clarification Aeltyra and Thimble. I’m looking forward to seeing the DPS gain on a dummy this afternoon.

    – Sam

  12. Hamacus says:

    Another great post Sam! It was a good checklist. I have most of the best with the exception of powerful stats and mongoose on one weapon. I will update that to Berserking as soon as I get an upgrade to my OH now that it is confirmed they stack.

    I have noticed that a lot of newer players really don’t take the time to enchant thier gear these days. Even when they have BiS items. LOL…that used to be a mandate back in the day…no enchants no raiding for you! Oh well.

  13. Wil says:

    I accidently got this post into the 3.2 gear post. So here it is for the correct one.
    “Another fairly good but inexpensive weap enchant is Icebreaker, it grades out slightly lower than mongoose on shadowpanther and is not mat intensive.
    I used it until I could afford to buy the Berserking recipe and do it to both hands.”

  14. samueltempus says:


    It’s definately an option, and you’re right, it’s very cheap.

    – Sam

  15. Kallista says:

    I read in the EJ ENH shammy forum that run speed enchants were hands down the best because you will spend less time running mob to mob and thus more time actually dpsing. Maybe for rogues sprint makes this not as much of an issue, but it always seems like my sprint is on CD…

  16. samueltempus says:


    I’ve got no beef with anyone that uses a speed enchant on their feet. I’ve had a speed boost before, but I don’t feel that I’m missing it currently. For me personally, there’s not a lot of time I spend “running mob to mob” in comparison with the time I spend glued to something, so I tend to enchant based on that.

    As far as pure single target DPS is concerned, Icewalker is the best enchant. On multi target pulls as a Rogue, with Energy as our Resource Mechanic, getting to the mob before you energy tops out without the speed boost is plausible and likely. The marginal amount of damage that you would lose on that target probably comes close to evening out with the extra crit and hit. But you’re right in that situation, the speed enchant would win, if only by a small margin.

    – Sam

  17. Mog says:

    I wonder if there was a server side hot fix to berserking. Last night in raid i started getting double berserking procs, when i know for a fact i was not last week. So it does double proc now which is very nice as it kept me right next to our rogue on dps (1 & 2). 🙂

  18. samueltempus says:

    I can confim the double proc as well. I did some combat testing dummy (3.5k unbuffed, I was very pleased), and it definately can double proc.

    – Sam

  19. SpearXXI says:

    Oh, and what do we do about gemming? I’m loving this sight, if you haven’t noticed….

  20. samueltempus says:

    That’s another post. It’s in the works, but so are 5 or 6 other things…

    – Sam

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