Getting Past Level 10

There was a discussion in guild chat (SAN-US) a week or so ago about how new players to the game tend to not make it past level 10 before they decide that WoW is not for them.  In the course of that conversation the idea was brought up to post about it, so here I am doing just that, from the Rogue perspective.  I’ll warn you though, you’re in for a Wall of text.

Having struggled through the starting zone leveling Sam (my first toon), I was surprised at how much easier the “kiddie pool” area in Dun Murogh was this time around.  Nothing in the starting area is hostile, so you can pick and aggro what you choose.  Because of this, getting to level 5 isn’t too much of a problem.  However, getting from 5-10 can be a challenge, and it’s my guess that’s where people lose interest.  Today, I’ll talk about my perspective on this issue and throw out some tips / tricks that might make life a bit easier for the lowbie Rogues out there.

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Blogroll Update

I’m about halfway done updating my blogroll at this point.  I’m thinking about separating out the active blogs into three categories: tank, healing and DPS, but I’ll need to have a fun name for each of those categories first.   Also, I’ve met some bloggers via Single Abstract Noun, and I’m reading more and more blogs that I’ve never come across before, so I’m sure that I’ll be linking some more of their work soon.

Don’t worry, when I’m done, I’m sure to give you another completely unnecessary post to let you know. 🙂

– Sam

Managing My Aggro

So, this morning, I’m reading through my blogroll (still under reconstruction btw), and I get to Aggro Management.  Where did that come from you ask?   Well, it turns out that I’ve actually spent some time talking with Protflashes, the author, while leveling in Single Abstract Noun.  I read through some of the content on her blog, and decided that I’d like to read it more often; perhaps you’ll enjoy it too.

Recently penned was Credit Where it’s Due (Hint: It’s not due to you…).  I noticed that Tricks of the Trade was mentioned in a list, so I immediately read the whole thing.  Having been called out in the post to defend Rogues, I figured I’d throw up a post of my own, so here goes…

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