Bucklers of Swash is Recruiting!

I don’t normally advertise for my guild here, but since trade chat is all but useless now on our server and we’re in need of some more players to solidify our raids, I figured this was as good a place as any to get the word out.

If you’re serious about raiding, but want a  fun natured guild, Bucklers of Swash (Mug’thol US – Alliance) might be a good fit for you.  We’re currently recruiting to fill a few holes in our two raid groups.  Our guild has veteran raiders who are ready to attack the content, but eight people does not make a full raid for either of our groups. 

We’re certainly open to all players but our greatest areas of need for raiding are:

  • Tanks of any class
  • Non Priest healers
  • Ranged DPS, especially Hunters and Warlocks

Our raid times are not set in stone, but our two groups currently raid on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at both 7 Eastern and 10 Eastern.  If you would like any additional information, feel free to email me or check out bucklersofswash.com for additional information and our application forum. 

Since it’s likely that you’d be switching servers or even factions, should you be interested, I’d advise you roll a low-level character on Mug’thol and spend some time getting to know us before you make your decision. 



P.S. – I should warn you, if you were to decide to come to Mug’thol and join BoS, you’d be stuck with me.  🙂

All Normal Content Cleared

Last night I took a group into Ulduar with my newly minted Planetarium key and Algalon fell.  Based on the relative ease of the fight (compared to Mimiron’s Hard mode, a.k.a. Firefighter), I would say that it was something we could have done a while ago.  Sure, it looked like the tanks were getting beat around with a thorn covered stick, and healing must have been “fun,” but mechanically speaking, the fight was way less complex than most fights in ICC, ToC and most of the Ulduar Hardmodes.

All that being said, the room the fight is in is very cool, and watching the sky in Dalaran when your group causes the event is very, very cool.  To me though, the accomplishment from last night was killing the last boss I needed to say that I’ve cleared every boss on normal.  Sure, I’ve done over half of the hard modes in the expansion to0, but clearing a hard mode, to me at least, doesn’t have the same feel to it as my first kill on the boss’ normal mode. 

Regardless, it’s a nice knowing that sometime in Cataclysm, I’ll be able to say that I cleared everything before the next expansion.  That’s something I couldn’t say in Wrath about the BC content, and something that instills pride in me for what the Bucklers of Swash have become.  It’s nice to know that loyalty pays off.  I never switched realms, factions or guilds, nor did I pug any of my progression this expansion.  It’s always been with 9-24 other guidlies who have had my back the whole way.

– Sam

Where Did Sam Go?

As I was checking my email this morning I came across this one:

I am an avid reader of your blog, but notice a distinct lack of posts since the incident with the guildie and the train set.  Hopefully that is not the cause of the decline in posts and it is other pesky issues like work or real life.  If it is the cause well…suck it up princess, time to get back at it. (jk)  Just wanted to let you know you were missed and look forward to your return.

– Mike

Well Mike (and everyone else who is wondering), it’s completely unrelated to that incident.  Guild wise, things are going great, and any speculation toward some hardcore depression on my part are bogus.   Here’s what’s really going on:

  1. Remember that whole buying a new house thing?  Well all the work we had done on our new house got completed a few weeks back, but the actual move is on the way.  Since the house is about 3 miles from our current one, we’re doing most of the moving ourselves.  It’s crunch time for us to get some moving in before our Anniversary trip, and unfortunately, the Mrs. has Strep, so I’m pulling double duty at the moment.
  2. Since my last post, I’ve conducted 4 concerts, and finished up my school year.  The last 2 weeks of school are probably the busiest time of year for me, and it always gets a little crazy.
  3. We’re at the end of the expansion, so there’s not a whole lot going on to write about as far as Rogues are concerned.  I’ve seen some minor changes here or there, but they won’t take effect for quite a while, so there’s not really any point in any major discussion at this point.  I’m in the pool for the beta, and believe me, if I can get a beta key, I’ll be spending plenty of time playing the beta and best preparing those of the Roguely persuasion.

I’ve got a UI post that I’m working on, but it’s likely going to be at least a week before I can get any real work done on it.  I will do this though.  I’m setting a goal, that as of next week, I will make sure to post at least once a week if not more often.  That last sentence reminds me of this: ” I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

So no worries Mike, and any avid or casual readers out there, I’m not dead, depressed or otherwise incapacitated, I’m just super busy and without much to write about at the moment.  Things should improve soon.

– Sam

P.S. – Props to my raiders who took 8 alts into ICC 10 on Tuesday and one shot every boss we attempted.  Only Sindy and LK await….

Some Clarification


I’m amazed at the number of comments on the prior post.  I wouldn’t have imagined it to be such a popular (and not necessarily in a good way) post.  I feel as if I didn’t do a particularly great job of explaining what exactly happened and I wrote the post without further consulting the other eight people who are still in the guild that were in the raid (including The Mrs.).  I’ll try and clarify everything today, and hopefully put this behind me and move on.

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I Are Disappoint

Before I launch into the brief story that this post is about, a little background about my guild is needed.  Officers in my guild gkick people as a joke on occasion, usually with the person immediately being invited back.  I’m fairly certain that many guilds with a good sense of humor do this as well; after all, it’s just a joke.  Most people understand this and have no issue with it.  I say most, as there was a player in the guild who had decided that the process of being removed from the guild, if even for a second, was infuriating.

I don’t know if he reads here, but I’ll risk upsetting him more to fully explain the situation, which includes understanding him.  First off, I’m not entirely certain that he knows he behaves in the way I’m about to describe. Second, I’ve no idea if he does the following things intentionally.  Regardless, it eventually led to the “disappoint” I alluded to in the title.

He is a “button pusher,” that is to say that if he knows how to take a jab at someone he will.  Also, he’s got  bad habit of offering unsolicited advice, and often to the wrong person (read:  they’re whispering me to complain about it).  That all being said, he’s a fantastic and talented player.  He’s got the potential to be a good leader, but could use a little work on being a follower in some situations.  However, with what happened last night, I may never get to find out if he matures into the leader he could be.

This player carries around a train set (makes everyone /train if you didn’t know) and uses it all the time.  He does this, because it annoys the crap out of a good number of the raid when he drops it.  I myself, get a little irritated, but the Mrs. hates it enough to carry around a train wrecker (which destroys the train and stops the problem).  The first time he dropped it last night,  my wife warned everyone that if it were dropped again, she would guild kick the culprit (I think you can see where this is going).

Well, it happened again, and in a “boy who cried wolf” way, it was assumed that he did it.  The Mrs. followed through with her promise and sent the gkick his way. Following that, he immediately left the raid, as he said in vent “You know how much I hate that s#!t”  and logged out out of vent.  Continuing to ragequit, he logged on his other two toons and removed them from the guild himself.  It turns out that he wasn’t the one who dropped the train that time, but that’s really not the point.

I don’t know if he’ll wake up today and consider what he did a mistake, but assuming he doesn’t, was he crazy to leave over something so trivial?  He had progressed with our guild through ICC, and was working on Lich King with us.  We’re not far from killing him either.  Would you have left?  I don’t know that I would, but I do know that I are quite disappoint.

– Sam

Humor From the Weekend

When I upset the Mrs. in ICC 25, she jokingly said in raid that she was taking applications for a new husband.  Just as a preface, my wife is probably two to three times more popular than I am in the guild, and I’m not exactly hated…much.  Needless to say, raid chat went nuts.  This eventually made its way to our Guild website and forums.  One member was put up to changing our standard guild app into a “Husband Application”  and I’ve included it here.  I was sitting next to the Mrs. when she read it, and I thought my eardrums might rupture from the laughter. 

Here it is in its entirety.  There’s a few inside jokes here, but regardless, it’s quite funny.  Real names have been changed; everything else was left as-is.  Enjoy…

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A Room with a View

I’ve posted very few progression photos, but having actually set foot on the Frozen Throne, I felt I had to post this, and not for me, but for the hard work my 10 man raid has put in.  Getting this far in Wrath has been extremely exciting, especially when I consider that  in BC, we never set foot in Hyjal, Black Temple or Sunwell, and only killed a handful of Tier 5 bosses.  As the picture suggests, we finally downed Sindragosa and moved on to Arthas.

Bucklers is not a hardcore progression guild.  We’re a tight-knit group of friends that like to raid, and while we’re serious about seeing all of the content, we’re going to have a good time while we’re doing it.  Take Javaed for instance, who decided that intentionally killing his raid/guild leader was significantly more important than raiding this week.  Does it bother me?  Nah.  Making a habit out of it, that’d probably upset me.  I might have a few corrections to make though…

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Safeguarding Your Guild Bank

Here’s a scenario that happens all to often: 

Someone from your guild gets hacked, and all of their toons are stripped bare.  If that weren’t enough, they took as much stuff from the guild bank as they could as well.  The guild is out whatever was stolen, and the players toons are usually left naked and sometimes guildless.

First of all, I feel for anyone who has had their account hacked.  I cannot fathom how I would feel if it were to happen to me.    I’m pretty good about safeguarding my account, so hopefully it won’t happen to me.  The only person other than me that knows my account information is The Mrs and  I’m thinking about using the iPhone authenticator as well.  Regardless, it does happen, and even with all those safeguards, it could happen to me as well. 

Since there’s no 100% sure way to make any account in a guild hacker-proof, it’s usually a good idea to put some safeguards on your bank to minimize the damage from a compromised account.  After the break, I’ll share with you exactly how Bucklers of Swash does it.  But first, I’m posting this because we’re almost certain that one of our guildies was hacked today.  I can’t confirm it yet, but on our forums, one of the members was letting us know:

“she kept logging on and off for an hour or two, wasn’t responding to tells or gchat, put DnD on, etc.”

Again, I can’t confirm that she was hacked, but that’s not typical behaviour for her, and fits the description.  I’m hoping that she wasn’t hacked, but I’m worried that she was.  If that’s the case, I am truly sad, and hope that she can be restored swiftly.
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Being Valuable

Being a guild leader, I’ve seen my share of people come, and my share of people go.  I’ve had almost two years of experience at it, and reflecting on that, I thought I’d write a bit about the value and being valuable to a guild.  What makes one valuable?  Are you a follower, or are you a leader?  Can both be equally valued?  I would say yes.  You can’t have 25 leaders in a raid, and a leader cannot do much without people quality followers executing their instructions.

Being valuable isn’t necessarily about being the best at any one thing, just as it isn’t being good at all things.  To be valued, you simply need to be good at fulfilling a need.  Some needs are easier to fill than others.  Finding good tanks and healers for your raids is going to be harder than finding good DPS, because the number of DPS players is greater than the number of healers and tanks.  That’s why 10 man raids are balanced to have 1-2 tanks, 2-3 healers and 5-7 DPS players. 

Does this make the Tanks and healers more important (or valuable) to each raid?  Well, yes and no.  In the sense that it’s more difficult to find them, yes, they are more valuable.  However, the best tanks and healers aren’t responsible for beating enrage timers, so quality DPS players are just as valuable to your raid as your tanks and healers.  Today however, I’ll be discussing the value of individual guild members and the value they have to the guild.

If you’re still reading this, then I’ve either piqued your curiosity as to where I’m going here, you feel the need to become more valuable to your guild or perhaps you just like long monologues about things that don’t specifically deal with a pair of daggers stabbing a mob repeatedly in quick succession.  Whatever the case, the rest is past the jump.  Click at your own risk.

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From Zero to Hero

There are some truly terrible players in this game. If you read this blog with any consistency, you’ll know how foreign a statement that is coming from me. I’m of the belief that anyone can be a decent player if the can find the right information, and to that end, I try and point people in the right direction. But, I have to admit that I wasn’t always like this, and at one point I thought the person I’ll be discussing today had no hope of ever becoming a better player. Not only was I wrong, but this particular player is now a well respected guild member, and a good friend. This is his story…

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