Requests, Ideas and Life

This post will be a this and that update of sorts about things I’m planning to discuss about WoW and things non-WoW.  For those of you more interested in the latter, we’ll start there.

The Blog:

Yea, I’m still here, and actually getting to work on some of the stuff I should have already finished.  For instance, the Baby Rogue: Cataclysm post was about three paragraphs from finished a month ago.  I’m still getting requests for help with a few areas, most notably gearing and reforging.  I expect to cover those in the near future, but I’ll probably work on the leveling 10-85 guides first.  If there are any other topics that you might want covered, feel free to post it in the comments, and I’ll do my best to get to what I can.  That said….

The Life:

I’ve recently made it through the holidays and then survived Snowmeggedon here in Atlanta.  My wife is now 8 months pregnant with a baby girl and we’re expecting around the middle of March to be pretty busy.  Whether or not that means I’m writing more or less at that point is anyone’s guess at this moment.  It really depends on how much time I still get to play and if I can type a lot while watching the kiddo.  You might be hearing more about downing the diaper boss than clearing raids at that point, but I’ll make a concerted effort to keep up to date with the wide world of Roguery too.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays, and is on the right track for an awesome 2011.


– Sam

2 Responses to Requests, Ideas and Life

  1. Krodd says:

    Congratulations on earning the [Get Her Stuffed!] achievement and pre-congratulations on the [Earn A Gnome Baby] Achievement. Kids are awesome. Sure they have snotty noses and nasty poo (especially the first few months…you’ll never be able to look at Gray Poupon mustard again the same way…ever!), but that quickly gets replaced with Peanut Butter & Jelly Fingers (warning: high chance of these being smeared on your monitor when you’re not looking).

    Just thought I’d say congrats and leave a comment. I’m a father of two (2 years and 4 years), and just discovered your site, and it’s full of tons of great information!

    Cheers mate, and best of luck. Just remember that the family comes first 😉

    – Krodd

  2. Kaynundrum says:

    “Whether or not that means I’m writing more or less at that point is anyone’s guess at this moment.” My guess is less. Unless you’re referring to the past month, in which case I hope its more. I’m a father of a three year old girl and a one year old boy. Raiding will require more cooperation from your wife. She’ll have to hold baby agro while you DPS. You’ll have to heal her later. A content infant will happily sit on your lap while you blog or play, but content can be a tricky qualifier. Don’t expect to have long uninterrupted blocks of time. I think you’ll find fatherhood rewarding as well as challenging. Congratulations. I wish the best for you and your family.

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