I’m happy to report that I’m steadily chugging along with the leveling game when I can, and I’m about to hit 82 myself.  There’s a few people in the guild that have done the take a few days off work / I’m in college and can stay up indefinitely to get to 85, but that’s not an option for me at the moment.  Sam will likely be 85 this weekend and I’m totally ok with that.  Then comes the whole gearing process.

I’ve also got a plan to get the rest of my alts to 85 before February by leveling each of them one level at a time so that I never run out of rest experience.  Why spend the time to do that?  Every profession at 525.  That’s why.  It saves a ton of money to craft things yourself, and also, you can make a good deal of money if you want.

Anyway, my first impressions are largely positive.  While I didn’t expect (or want) Blizzard to completely remake WoW as a brand new game, they sure have given it a heck of a make-over.  I spent the few week leveling my Bank Alt Warrior from level 25 to level 72.  I got a good sampling of the changes to the old world, and again, found the changes to generally range from good to great.  In the last two days, I’ve noticed more of the same in the two starting zones.

Really my only complaint so far would be realm specific.  On my (PvP) server, my faction is outnumbered somewhere between 5 to 1 and 10 to 1.  Needless to say, I spent most of the first day leveling Archeology and running dungeons, because questing, even stealthily, wasn’t possible.  It wasn’t as bad yesterday, but I spent a good deal of time playing Mr. Sneaky Sneak.  This is going to sound like an exaggeration, but it’s not; it was very disorienting to be the one Alliance Player surrounded by forty or so Horde upon landing in Hyjal. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about world PvP.  I actually enjoy it.  What I’m upset about is the non-response we’re getting from Blizzard about at least attempting to keep some balance between the populations on PvP servers.  Sure, I could server transfer, but that’s expensive for me and my guild, and would probably be the deathblow to the server, as we’re one of the last remaining larger, stable guilds on our side of the server.  Blizzard has already commented on the topic, saying that’s just PvP, but to be honest it’s not.  In our case, it’s more of PvR, or Player versus Raid.  It will be interesting to see if it’s still an issue in a month.

Anyway, the Horde won’t keep my from 85, and I’ll be there soon enough.  My Assassination spec is doing ridiculous damage in instances and the Combat spec is leveling with efficiency.  I am Curious how everyone else’s leveling is going, so pop a comment if you desire.

Happy Trails…

– Sam

10 Responses to Cataclysmic

  1. Celendus says:

    Tol Barad should help realm imbalances – the fact that it’s capped at a 1:1 ratio means that if Horde want to play in TB they’ll have to faction change or server transfer. At a 10:1 horde / alliance ratio, 90% of the horde will be left out of each battle.

    • Priestess says:

      As of today, WoW Census has our realm (Mug’Thol) at 88% Horde. Sam made no exaggerations in his post about the situation. And I too am interested to see how the server reacts when only 5 Horde can get into Tol Barad. It was frequently a 3v3 in WG during the final days of Wrath. But nobody thinks of that while they’re corpse camping you as you try to level.

  2. Banibaq says:

    I guess I belong the “I am in College” crowd, but unfortunately this is currently my Finals week. And as much as I wanted to get to 85 before leaving for the beaches, I don’t have much desire of staying an extra semester to take Physical Chemistry again…O.o
    Horde numbers aside, I like the new zones a whole and the instances have come out to be quite beautiful and challenging at times. I for one am already hitting the harsh learning curve healing dungeons, having to drink after every single pull.

    Overall I am very impressed by the outcome of the Cataclysm

  3. Boebob says:

    Yeah, the realm imbalance is definately a sore spot. I look forward to having an 85 and being able to World PvP on my own terms. The Horde have us by the Cajones now because we have nowhere else to go and nothing else to do (minus dungeons), and heaven forbide we try to use a gathering profession. I wonder what kind of effects that has on the Alliance side economy… SAM FUTURE POST, GO GO!!

  4. Anslym says:

    Hah! I don’t fall into either category! I fall into the category of Tuesday and Wednesday were Snowdays so I got to play Cataclysm all day long. I hit 85 last night after Blizzard fixed the 2 bugged quests in Twilight Highlands. The Horde were INCREDIBLY annoying and I can vouch for the whole 35-40 horde at the quest hubs. I just kind of grit my teeth and suffered through the 2 minute rez-timers. During the leveling process I only did 2-3 randoms, the rest was just questing. Were there times where I wanted to take a very heavy, thick-glassed bottle to the heads of some of the horde (specifically Paladins and Mages with the occasional Elemental shaman thrown in) Although the world PvP has made me excited to level my PvP warlock though 😛 Can’t wait to start raiding again!

  5. Mtal says:

    You know, I think questing is the way to get to 85 faster.

    Oh, I am actually thinking of fraction changing (ok I am Horde.) It’s just that I like to do BG’s and I hate to wait a half hour in the que. Plus something new might be fun. As alliance do you guys wait long for random instances too?

  6. samueltempus says:

    I usually queue with tank or healer. That just about solves the problem. Otherwise, only the PVP queues are faster on the Alliance side of the battlegroup. I’ve haven’t had a PvP queue take longer than 5 minutes in over a year.

    – Sam

  7. Crall says:

    You know If blizzard changed the rules of player vs player then they should just delete the game. If world pvp is a problem by numbers it just means more people liked horde then alliance and if they are having to beat single players with big groups It just means they are sacred of you. As a rogue I was able to beat 4v1 with recuperate and all my damage reducing abilities. So don’t complain to blizzard about numbers, get a feel for your toon and go kick some opposite faction ass

  8. Squelchy says:

    I wouldn’t be able to stand that. It’s bad enough being the less-represented faction on an RP server. If I were flagged all the time, I would have quit the game years ago. Rather like I quit Wintergrasp when Tenacity still existed. (Having gigantic health pools doesn’t much matter when a thousand people can chain stunlock you to death.)

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