Just a Short Funny…

I replied to a comment on the site today, and it didn’t show.  I noticed that despite the correct information being entered into the comment form, I wasn’t logged into WordPress.  At that point, I logged in and noticed something:

I, the writer of the blog, got my comment flagged as spam.

Now, that’s just funny.

– Sam

4 Responses to Just a Short Funny…

  1. Dechion says:

    Something else I love about wordpress, the built in spell check doesn’t recognise the word “Blog”.

  2. Titular Adventures says:

    Boobs! That is all.

  3. Banibaq says:

    Yet another funny thing is that I look at your recent achievement list and you just received “Shave and a Haircut”…


  4. Boebob says:

    Gosh dang Karmic Retribution!!

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