PvP Happens.

I was working on Netherwing rep yesterday and was on my way out of the mines when a Ret Paladin jumped me.  Now normally, I can put a pretty good dent in a plate wearing class, but generally after about 30 seconds I’m toast.   You see, until Tuesday, all I had to heal myself mid-fight was lifeblood (herbalist perk) and a Potion.  Now I’ve got Recuperate, and while about 1k health every 3 seconds isn’t a ton, it’s enough that I was able to fight the Paladin for 2 minutes.

There were several opportunities for me to tuck and run, but I stuck with it.  In the end though, he never bubbled and beat me with 10k health left.  While I’m not too happy about that, I’m pretty stoked to be able to fight one on one with a Paladin for as long as I did.  Playing on a PvP server, I might be fun to go looking for some opportunities to “test” how I fare against other classes as well.

6 Responses to PvP Happens.

  1. Pitrelli says:

    I wouldnt get too happy paladins are going to get buffed (gc admitted on the forums they took a big dps nerf)

  2. samueltempus says:

    It doubt it will be long before they nerf their PvP survivabilty / healing then, becuase I did about 70,000 damage to him without killing him. He started with 33k health and ended the fight with 10k (again, didn’t pop bubble), so that tells me that he healed for nearly 50k during that 2 minute period.

    – Sam

  3. Sandrockcstm says:

    What spec were you playing as? I’m curious to see how all the different specs do in pvp for 4.0.1.

  4. samueltempus says:

    Sandrock Custom? As in the Gundam?

    Anyway, I was combat at the time, with most of my “flavor” talents in survivability. I still do a good bit of damage, but I don’t take nearly as much as I was pre patch.

    – Sam

  5. Youshouldrun says:

    Hi folks,
    one of my alts is a feral cat. Crapy geared but I like this one. I was using Feral by Night addon which is not working anymore. So… looks like dps is bit higher or close to as it was even over absence of my favoured FbN. As from PvP POV I think there is a little shift in dmg. Now I crit a lot – 43% crit or so in semi-pvp gear – not gemmed – even on high resi players. When you will figt ferals watch for thorns buff – 12sec buf now instead of that crapy prepatch version – doing dmg to attackers. Solid gear > thorns > bear = dead rogue. 2k dmg or so on every proc for me. So take care when fighting ferals. Thats my 2 cents. Soz for my bad english – I was born as a troll lol

  6. BenDover says:

    We’ve been dueling a bit with guild mates, just getting used to the new mechanics and stuff. Some things I’ve noticed changing.

    1) With my Assassination Raid Spec I can now kill Resto Druids and Paladins 1v1 quite easily. When Paladin DPS gets buffed it’s gonna be closer to call, but I think still rather balanced.
    2) Recuperate can buy you just enough time to get the kill and survive. It can be used pre-emptively, for tactical purposes, or just for healing when you are low on health.
    3) The new Glyph system gives us quite a lot of flexibility and even mobility, since we don’t always have to choose DPS over Utility. Now we can have both.
    4) In general, it seems that a Rogue now actually has a chance even when caught of guard and without Cooldowns. Fights seem to be more balanced for our class now, instead of the old “kill within stunlock or die” we’re used to.

    I noticed that even with all of the new toys Frost Mages got I have a better chance of winning against them, than before. This patch has been very good to us.

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