Pre Cataclysm Goals

I mentioned in a recent post that it was important to have in-game goals.  As proof that I practice what I teach, I decided to give some insight into my Pre-Cataclysm goals with this post.  I challenge you to use this as an example and make your own list of things that you want to get done before Cataclysm.

With just under 2 months to go before Cataclysm hits, I sat down and penned out a rough list of the things that I want to try to accomplish in-game before Dec. 7th.  This is just my list for Sam, but rest assured, I’ve got plenty of goals for my other toons as well.  Before I get to that list, here’s a few things I took care of this past weekend. 

  • The Diplomat – Leveled both Sporeggar (revered) and Timbermaw (friendly) Rep to exalted.  If you’re grinding timbermaw, don’t turn in any feathers / beads until you hit revered.  Trust me.
  • Gaurdian of Cenarius – Leveled Cenarian Circle (Honored) and Cenarian Expedition (2.5k rep short) to exalted.  I soloed (and I mean full clear) Steamvault without dying for the Cenarian Expedition Rep; give that a try if you want a challenge managing cooldowns.
  • The Keymaster – Completed upon acquiring the keys to Blackrock Depths, Dire Maul, and Shattered Halls.  Completed the achievements for clearing BRD and DM while I was at it.  Kinda funny to have all the keys with the max lockpicking, but hey, it’s an achieve.
  • 75 Pets –  (Have 77 now) Got the engineering schematics for ‘Lil Smoky and Pet Bombling and crafted these pets on my Paladin.  I had a lucky drop from outland fishing quest for Chuck.  Purchased the rest from vendors that I hadn’t yet acquired.
  • Pest Control – Figured I’d kill the last 3 I needed while I was running around.
  • Classic Raider – Downed C’thun as my only remaining requirement.

And now, past the break is the lengthy list of things I’d like to attempt to get done before the world gets torn asunder.

1.)  Clean up and preparation.

My Bank is full, and needs a thorough cleaning.  I will keep some legacy gear, holiday related items, and various non-replacable things.  I’ve got over 20 Daggers that I’ve been saving for an Epic Daggers of Wrath Post.  I didn’t manage to see all of them drop during the expansion, but I do have more than 75% of them.  I’ll be vendoring most of them after the post.  It’s sad, but I need the room, and other than a few of them, I’ve only been saving them for the post.

2.) Pool 50k gold.

I’m sitting on 31k at the moment, but between dailies and all of the other things I’m trying to do, I think it’s completely plausible.  The biggest issue is going to be not spending it on the things that I could afford to buy with all that gold.  I’m making about 1,000 gold a day between dailies and the other things I do, so maybe I can make even more than 50k and buy something nice.

3.) Finish my Achievement Whoring

  • 35 Exalted Reputations (at least)  I’m sitting at 26 right now, and I’ve got 37 factions at revered or higher, so this shouldn’t be too hard.  I’m currently focusing on Netherwing, Kalu’ak, Oracles, Sha’tari Skyguard and Ogri’la.
  • Classic Dungenmaster – Only missing about 5 instances to complete this and should be able to knock it out in less than 2 hours.
  • Outland Dungenmaster – I’ll get this farming rep for the rest of the outland factions.
  • Outland Raider – I need to finish Black Temple and Tempest Keep for this achievement.
  • One Light in the Darkness – this is all that separates me from the Ulduar Meta achieve.
  • The Undying – Did this two weeks in a row and had 1 person die.  I won’t let that happen again.
  • Fishing Achieves – I’m not really trying to get the title “Salty,” but I’d like to finish most of the achieves that I haven’t.  Mr. Pinchy and the Turtle Mount are high on the list.
  • Chef – I would like this title, and other than the hat, I’m fairly close to achieving it.
  • Rivendare’s Deathcharger – closing in on 80 attempts.  I know people who have got it in under 50, and others that took hundreds.  Who knows?

Anyway, If I think of any more, I’ll add them to the list, and I’ll check back here periodically and strike through any that I’ve finished.  I’m fairly certain that these goals should keep me good and busy until the Cataclysm.  What are your goals, and do you think you’ll get them done?

– Sam

2 Responses to Pre Cataclysm Goals

  1. Para says:

    Baron mount took me 169 tries to finally get! Statically, 20% of those who farm for it will take longer so I considered myself lucky.

    My main goals before cata were:
    loremaster (easier than people say)
    mountain of mounts (very difficult to get those last five!)
    Over 9000! (I had to force myself to do bgs for it)

    Achiement hunting is pretty darn fun once I realized there was more to wow than raiding.

  2. Banibaq says:

    I’m slowly getting back into playing wow, so whenever you need some1 for your run at Yogg, lemme know, I’ll gladly help.

    Other than that I am always trying to get the patience for Loremaster and get some more reputations to exalted. Loremaster is quite hard cuz i got run through instances using Refer-a-Friend.

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