All Normal Content Cleared

Last night I took a group into Ulduar with my newly minted Planetarium key and Algalon fell.  Based on the relative ease of the fight (compared to Mimiron’s Hard mode, a.k.a. Firefighter), I would say that it was something we could have done a while ago.  Sure, it looked like the tanks were getting beat around with a thorn covered stick, and healing must have been “fun,” but mechanically speaking, the fight was way less complex than most fights in ICC, ToC and most of the Ulduar Hardmodes.

All that being said, the room the fight is in is very cool, and watching the sky in Dalaran when your group causes the event is very, very cool.  To me though, the accomplishment from last night was killing the last boss I needed to say that I’ve cleared every boss on normal.  Sure, I’ve done over half of the hard modes in the expansion to0, but clearing a hard mode, to me at least, doesn’t have the same feel to it as my first kill on the boss’ normal mode. 

Regardless, it’s a nice knowing that sometime in Cataclysm, I’ll be able to say that I cleared everything before the next expansion.  That’s something I couldn’t say in Wrath about the BC content, and something that instills pride in me for what the Bucklers of Swash have become.  It’s nice to know that loyalty pays off.  I never switched realms, factions or guilds, nor did I pug any of my progression this expansion.  It’s always been with 9-24 other guidlies who have had my back the whole way.

– Sam

3 Responses to All Normal Content Cleared

  1. Anslym says:

    Like I said in my post about Starcaller Chmelyk, We progressed last night. Progression with Bucklers feels great! I can’t wait till Cataclysm where we get to prgress from start (Cho’gall – Bastion of Twilight) to finish (Deathwing – Grim Batol?).


  2. Banibaq says:

    I’m glad that Buckler life has not gone to a complete stop in my absence. Grats on the Starcaller Title. It’s fancy when everything goes dark, isn’t it? I for myself am glad that we are all just waiting for the expansion to come out…I am getting stomped by school and sport and I am still moving into my apartment. I still haven’t been able to log on to WoW on my new lap top (it is installed tho), which I have been trying to find some time for about a week now…
    You will see me eventually again XD

  3. Ruhtra says:

    Congratulations on the accomplishment. I couldn’t think of a more derserving Gnome!

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