Catacylsm Collector’s Edition Pre-Ordered

Yup, I did it yesterday at my local GameStop.  Hopefully we’ll get a release date relatively soon, and I’ll probably take off work for that day so that I can attend the midnight launch that I’m sure will occur.  If you like extras, the collectors sets are worth the money, but if you want one, you’d better pre-order it in the next 48 hours, because like Starcraft II and Wrath, it’s only a matter of hours before the pre-orders for collectors sets are cut off.

– Sam

4 Responses to Catacylsm Collector’s Edition Pre-Ordered

  1. dorgol says:

    I’ve never pre-ordered any of he CEs, but I have them all. Just have to know which store always stocks too many. 🙂

  2. Evilrandy says:

    Unlike the above comment I have pre-ordered all of the expansions and I always buy the CE. Thanks Sam for reminding me. Just ordered it thru Gamespot. With Wrath they guarenteed delivery same day as release. Did not see that this time. And I also noticed they don’t deliver weekends. I would hate to be sitting there waiting whist everyone else gets the jump on me………………………I hate to be last. Oh yeah grats on Firefighter.

  3. Ab says:

    I’m gonna get the midnight release including day off-work and will skip the collectors edition. Not worth the extra money imo

  4. Got mine and my sister’s CEs preordered and ready to go. We’re planning to do the midnight release thing. I loooove midnight premiere line parties.

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