WoW, the Other White Bread

WoW is beginning to feel a bit like a piece of bread that’s been left out on the counter for a little too long.  It’s still edible, but the texture’s not quite right anymore as the bread begins to go stale.  If it’s the only bread you had and you wanted to make a sandwich, you’d probably still eat it.  Still, if you knew you had some fresh bread, you’d probably get that instead.

Currently my fresh bread has come in the form of Starcraft II my new Xbox 360.  As far as Starcraft goes, I own and have beaten every RTS game Blizzard has ever produced, so it wasn’t a surprise when I picked up a copy of Starcraft II.  My laptop still has the original on it as well as Warcraft III.  Even if you’ve never been into RTS games before, I’d still recommend the game, as it does a pretty good job of getting you up to speed so you can enjoy the game instead of being frustrated by it.

As far as the Xbox goes, I wasn’t going to buy one until the second generation version of the console came out.  That happened this summer, and I purchased one along with a handful of games recommended by the friends I have that play them.  Half of the games I’ve played on it so far could be played on either of my PS3’s, but I wouldn’t be able to play with my friends, as most of them have an Xbox. 

Just to clarify, yes, I have 2 ps3’s.  One is in the living room and the other is in the bedroom. The second was purchased by my wife this summer so that we’d have 2 blu-ray players and also as a ploy to get me to come to bed instead of play downstairs.  Go figure; I’m not complaining.

I’m sure you’ve wandered during this monologue, “Did you stop playing WoW?”  The answer is no.  I’m still playing.  I log on for all of my raids, but that’s about it at this point.  I’d log in more often, but I’m not leveling a toon, have more mats stockpiled than I need, and some of the guild has moved on to other activities until the expansion (as previously stated: Xbox, Starcraft, etc.).

I had the fortunate pleasure of being a beta tester for Wrath, but haven’t had any luck for Cata.  If I did have a beta account, I’m sure that I’d have more WoW related stuff to say.  Given that the content hasn’t changed on my screen in many, many months, it’s kinda gone stale.  But I think I’ve made that reference already.  On the bright side, now that I’m back at work (Elementary Music Teacher for those that didn’t know), my schedule is much more structured, so posting should follow suit.

– Sam

6 Responses to WoW, the Other White Bread

  1. Anonymous says:

    Play more MW2. Lol. If you like shooters, you should pick up Bad Company 2. Its fun to snipe a helicopter pilot and watch the chopper fall with others inside. LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

  2. samueltempus says:

    Love MW2. I’ve never been much into FPS playing, but I’ve spent at least an hour on MW2 on days when I have the time.

    – Sam

  3. axSoul says:

    You could always take a stab at late season arenas. I do agree that any fresh content whether it be another RS type raid and/or Season 9 would make it feel less dull…

    But Protoss ftw >:D

  4. samueltempus says:

    You should have heard me playing the campaign on hard to get the achievement on the first mission. Zeratul needs to take 0 HP damage, and everytime I’d mess it up you’d hear me shout “Damn it, Zeratul!”

    – Sam

  5. Lekool says:

    Nice review! I am playing Caesary on and am recruiting members for my league. It’s an interesting free to play RTS game on browser set in Roman background. The community is good there and a lot of events.

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