Where Did Sam Go?

As I was checking my email this morning I came across this one:

I am an avid reader of your blog, but notice a distinct lack of posts since the incident with the guildie and the train set.  Hopefully that is not the cause of the decline in posts and it is other pesky issues like work or real life.  If it is the cause well…suck it up princess, time to get back at it. (jk)  Just wanted to let you know you were missed and look forward to your return.

– Mike

Well Mike (and everyone else who is wondering), it’s completely unrelated to that incident.  Guild wise, things are going great, and any speculation toward some hardcore depression on my part are bogus.   Here’s what’s really going on:

  1. Remember that whole buying a new house thing?  Well all the work we had done on our new house got completed a few weeks back, but the actual move is on the way.  Since the house is about 3 miles from our current one, we’re doing most of the moving ourselves.  It’s crunch time for us to get some moving in before our Anniversary trip, and unfortunately, the Mrs. has Strep, so I’m pulling double duty at the moment.
  2. Since my last post, I’ve conducted 4 concerts, and finished up my school year.  The last 2 weeks of school are probably the busiest time of year for me, and it always gets a little crazy.
  3. We’re at the end of the expansion, so there’s not a whole lot going on to write about as far as Rogues are concerned.  I’ve seen some minor changes here or there, but they won’t take effect for quite a while, so there’s not really any point in any major discussion at this point.  I’m in the pool for the beta, and believe me, if I can get a beta key, I’ll be spending plenty of time playing the beta and best preparing those of the Roguely persuasion.

I’ve got a UI post that I’m working on, but it’s likely going to be at least a week before I can get any real work done on it.  I will do this though.  I’m setting a goal, that as of next week, I will make sure to post at least once a week if not more often.  That last sentence reminds me of this: ” I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

So no worries Mike, and any avid or casual readers out there, I’m not dead, depressed or otherwise incapacitated, I’m just super busy and without much to write about at the moment.  Things should improve soon.

– Sam

P.S. – Props to my raiders who took 8 alts into ICC 10 on Tuesday and one shot every boss we attempted.  Only Sindy and LK await….

7 Responses to Where Did Sam Go?

  1. Anslym says:

    I can attest to him being super busy. If he isnt raiding he’ barely online.


  2. Bezurk says:

    Noticed it with a lot of blogs recently, people see that it’s actually pleasant outside and stop hibernating in front of the computer 🙂
    Good to see you haven’t disappeared completely though.

  3. PVE Rogues says:

    Glad to hear you haven’t run away! =o

  4. Lyndiana says:

    You can’t go a whole month without a post Sam! How’s that move? What’s up with the Cataclysm roguery stuff that Blizzard’s been putting out? WTB new post!

  5. Anslym says:

    I have to agree with Lyndi,
    /wave Lyndi!


  6. samueltempus says:

    Moving sucks. I’m never moving again.

    – Sam

    P.S. – I’d say we’re about 80% done. Everything’s moved, but the chaos of getting things where they go is still an ongoing pain.

  7. Revix says:

    “oh and revix and some other people are visiting us soon too”

    it’s cool, that’s only a minor thing and doesn’t take up any time whatsoever.

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