Head Banging

It’s been a while, between a fried graphics card, a new house, and the end of the school year, I’ve not been around much, and that’s not likely to change until the begining of June, but I’m still around.  There’s not a ton of new Rogue information to parse through at the moment, and though I could comment on the raid size changes for Cataclysm, I think the subject has been covered enough already.  What I would like to discuss today is the following:

I cannot express how tired I am of the Lich King fight. 

I understand that he’s the lass boss of the expansion.  I know there’s  a 15% buff active.  My group simply cannot kill him.  Our other progression 10 man group has killed him a few times and even has a kill video on YouTube, but despite a month and a half of trying, he’s still alive in our group.

On more than one occasion, we’ve one-shot the other 11 bosses in under 3 hours, but the Lich King encounter we’ve not seen under 30%.  I would say that we’ve only seen a solid phase 3 (everyone alive) a handful of times.  The worst part is, unlike the other fights in ICC, it’s often difficult to diagnose the problems.

Before anyone tells me to “learn to play,” my group is not fail.  We’re pulling 50k-55k damage in phase 1 without heroism.  DPS isn’t really an issue.  Defiles aren’t giving us any trouble, and we’re not losing people during the transition on 90% of our attempts.  The tanks are quick to swap in phase 2 and the heals are pro.  Yet, something always seems to go wrong.

It’s never the same mistake two fights in a row, and it’s increasingly frustrating.  Normally at a time like this, we’d just go raid something else to clear our head, but we’re at the point where the only content we haven’t downed is in Ulduar (Firefighter, One light in the Darkness and Algalon).  Those fights are (in my opinion) harder than anything but Lich King, and while we are working on them, I fear that the morale loss from a month and a half will increase while learning those fights.

Make no mistake, I’ve no interest in seeing the LK mechanics change, or him being nerfed.  But, unlike any other boss in this expansion, I’ve no desire to ever kill him again, if and when we do down him.  No one needs anything off of him, and quite frankly, we’re absolutely sick of him.  I don’t even think I’ll feel as if we’ve accomplished anything when he dies, more or less, I think it will just be a sigh of relief that we never have to do it again.

If you take any stock in the % of kills to total attempts on World of Logs as any indicator, it’s probably a good estimate that 5% or less of the player base has downed him in 10 man.  He’s supposed to be that hard.  But should there really be as big of a difficulty gap as there is between him and Sindragosa?  Sindy isn’t by any means easy, but as a fight, she’s much simpler than LK

Regardless, we’re not wiping because we don’t understand the mechanics of the fight or know how to combat them.  As I said earlier, it’s always something different.  Maybe we’ll get him tomorrow?  Maybe not.  Either way, I’ll end my rant now, and get back to banging my head against the wall.

– Sam

9 Responses to Head Banging

  1. syldanna says:

    I feel your pain on this. We spent a solid 3 nights on him and few partial nights and got him on the last try of last full day (bear in mind that that is a long time for out group on asingle fight). Not sure anyone was expecting it, but things just seemed to go our way. Phase 3 saw people falling but so was the LKs health. We also 2 heal it. A thrilling moment to say the least. The cullmination of a lot of work finally ended and the opening of some hard modes starts this week. I would suggest this to you. The power of positive thinking cannot be taken into account in any quantafiable way. Tell you team that they own this fight. That this fight is theres. I have found that when I am struggling, just telling myself this over and over improves my DPS. I feel it, I beleive and I typically top the DPS charts. We also took a break from ICC and finished ulduar achieves and got our rusted proto drakes. I think that week or two off did us a lot of good allowing our brains to process the LK fight while we did other content.

  2. Ben Dover says:

    Persevere there. You’ll get there eventually.

    Our guild is still working on Putricide, since some of our players have been occupied by real life issues and that’s kinda changed our usual raid roster. So we’ve been learning each others styles a bit from the top. Long as we kill the King before Cata, I’m happy.

    “Shāh māt!”

  3. Larísa says:

    Two minds, one thuoght… We’re probably closing in to 100 wipes on him and yeah… I know. I published my take on it pretty much at the same moment as you posted yours!

  4. Anslym says:

    Sorry I couldn’t make it last night, Sam. My mom contracted laryngitis and I had to drive her to the hospital after my dentist appointment. I don’t know how much good I would have been last night regardless. Laughing Gas + half my face frozen = Great vent laughs but not a very good player. I feel the same way you do but even if we get to phase 3 and we have half a second more then we did the last time that constitues as progression. The way I see the fight is a wall and every time we progess a little further we scratch away a bit of that wall and finally sooner then later were going to break that wall wide open and we will be the Kingslayers!


  5. SpearXXI says:

    Like the picture of the tiny kittty barely holding onto the tree branch, “Hang in there.”

    In my guild we had hit a wall, because we are so new and we only have four hours to raid each week, we could only get first wing down or maybe Festergut. The reason why we were stalled so much is people coming on late, not enough people on day two (which really irks me), or people not knowing the mechanic.


    Last night on the main run, we one shot the first 6 bosses, before in an hour an half. Everyone was super excited, and we called it shortly after due to most people not knowing the fights after that! =D I’m hopeful for tonight though, and us taking on Dreamwalker. As a group working out way through ICC, what kill order of bosses would be best? I’m pretty sure we will skip Putricide until we have to kill him, etc.

  6. Banibaq says:

    @Spear, I say go attempt Bloodwing. The Council is relatively easy to learn as well as the Bloodqueen. Especially BQ would be entertaining for your DPS to see their damage skyrocket when bitten 🙂

    @ Sam, hang in there. I think the one thing that cripples your progress the most right now is inconsistency. Even if it is always only one person that is missing and needs to be replaced throws off the synergy of your group for several reasons. Most importantly tanking and healing, because the tanks need to get used to each other and/or the role they play and healing can differ greatly with a different setup (i.e. with or without disc priest).
    It can be especially frustrating for you and the others that are there every single time, because it seems like you are not making any progress. If I could make a suggestion, before your next night of raiding (Thursday that is), write down or determine the core group of the ten people you have. Make that your elite 10. If someone is missing that night, maybe don’t attempt the LK but do other things. It sux to not be able to put any attempts on him but maybe it is better than constantly plugging holes and not getting any apparent progress out of it.

  7. Stalkuren says:

    Lich King is a pain. Believe me, I know. But I also know that Bucklers has the tanks, heals, DPS, and coordination required to do it. That’s a fact. Yes, we will encounter problems. Yes, we will wipe. But every time we’ve had issues with a boss before, we’ve invariably gotten past it and have triumphed.

    All that is required is perseverance. Every encounter takes time to perfect, Lich King even more so than others. As frustrating as it is, no one can deny that it wasn’t expected. Progress is being made, though. We’ve seen the end of Phase 2 multiple times. Recent absences have made it hard to focus our effort and realize the progress we’ve made, but it’s there, trust me.

    I guess I’m really just trying to say this: I’m expecting to see Arthas’ cold, dead face getting stomped on by a bonsai tree very, VERY soon, and you should be too.

  8. Samueltempus says:

    Tree bagging stalk? (you can thank my wife for that one)

    Thanks for the lol.

    – Sam

  9. Ger says:

    You’ve convinced me to stop raiding. My guild has some very good players that raid, but we also have some that are pretty clueless and don’t have the ability to pay attention to their surroundings or react quickly. Our Raid leader, who is a really great player, even mentioned that it’s like pugging every week.
    We’ve gotten to Blood Queen and Prof. Putricide but just can’t get some of the people coordinated enough to do it. It’s always the same people and no one will coach them or explain why their playing or DPS just isn’t cutting it.

    I’m not interested in joining a “raid guild” so I guess I’ll just patiently wait for Cataclysm to come out. From everything I’ve read on this site, your raiders are more capable so I’m sure LK will die soon.

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