It’s been a busy day here at S&D.  I’ve managed to get the three most viewed guides updated to current level information.  The guides now reflect what I’m doing with my Rogue for both Combat and Assassination.  Also, I’m currently using the Sublety leveling guide myself, and finding that with the 3.3.3 changes, it might actually be the most fun leveling a Rogue I’ve ever had, and pretty quick too.

Just as a note, the Combat guide is currently a Ruptureless build.  Using Rupture can give you a moderate DPS increase with its current changes, but there’s been no diffinative word from EJ as to what the best spec would be for that yet.  I’ll do my own testing when that happens, and rewrite the guide (again…) if necessary.

I’ll get to the other leveling guides soon, but I’d like to revamp my gearing guide as well.  Hopefully I can get on that before the end of the week.

– Sam


Update 4/1/10 – The other two guides are updated as well.  No joke.

19 Responses to Updates…

  1. Kiriel says:

    I’m leveling a rogue atm and she’s getting close to 80. I was wondering if you’d find it interesting to help other alts like myself with deciding where to spend their badges first and what gear can be filled in from heroics. As it stands, I’m not sure whether I should go straight for tier with my triumph badges or buy some other things first. And am I going for tier with my frost badges or is the trinket that much better if I’m mutilate?

    Btw, I do love your blog and try and pop in once every couple of days to see if anything interesting and new has been posted. One day I shall figure RSS.

    Thanks for writing this great blog 😀 Some of the guides may be out of date but they’ve been godsend for me lvling my rogue!

  2. SpearXXI says:

    After talking to my girlfriend, she told me the Frost trinket is best for Mutilate spec, so that is a great first pick to get. Now, if you do VOA and get either the t10 gloves or pants, I might suggest spending the 60 frost for the t10 shoulders, because the 2 set is nice for rogues.

    Now, if you just hit 80 on your rogue, you will want to do Normal Trial of the Champion, Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron, and Halls of Reflection, to get some great starter gear from their first. The most notable stuff includes:
    Trial of the Champion:
    Belt: Belt of Fierce Competition (don’t farm for this)
    Gloves: Gloves of the Argent Fanatic (don’t farm for this)
    Trinket: Banner of Victory (farm for this as it is a great trinket starting out)
    Pants: Leggings of the Brazen Trespass (don’t farm for this)
    Shoulders: Shoulderpads of the Infamous Knave (don’t farm for this)
    Ring: Uruka’s Band of Zeal (if you want to farm for this it is a decent ring)

    Forge of Souls:
    Shoulders: Bewildering Shoulderpads (don’t farm for this)
    Back: Accursed Crawling Cape (the drop rate is insanely low so if it doesn’t drop after a long while buy the Hammerhead Sharkskin Cloak with 25 Marks of Valor)
    MH Weapon: Heartshiver (Decent dagger to tie you over till you get the 232 ones from heroics)

    Pit of Saron:
    Belt: Flayer’s Black Belt (Farm this as it is really good if you need expertise)
    Ring: Ring of Carnelian and Bone (decent ring)
    OH Weapon: Krick’s Beetle Stabber (decent dagger to tie you over till you get the 232 one from heroics)
    Pants: Shaggy Wyrmleather Leggings (don’t farm for this)
    Thrown: Rimebane Rifle (don’t farm for this)

    Halls of Reflection:
    MH combat weapon: Ghoulslicer (decent for combat)
    Gloves: Carpal Tunnelers (don’t farm for this)
    Chest: Blackened Geist Ribs (don’t farm for this)
    MH combat weapon: Hate-Forged Cleaver (decent for combat)
    Thrown: Crypt Fiend Slayer (don’t farm for this)

    Run all of those a couple times, especially the ones that drop the weapons and accessories and then do random heroics to get your t9 gear. There are some decent gear from non ICC heroics, but you shouldn’t farm for them, which is why I’m not going to list them. Soon Sam will have a more detailed guide and you can check that out as well. I did post in the assassination post on gearing up for raids, if you want more info on the next level.

  3. Hastore says:

    Nice list there 🙂
    All I’d like to point out is that the trinket from Frost emblems (Herkuml War Token) is a big boost to Combat too – 153 haste means more DP (and other hand poison) procs, as well as the additional chance to proc 15 energy from the offhand. Plus the 340 AP after a very short buildup as a rogue 😀

  4. Kiriel says:

    Thanks for the list! That’ll be a helpful reference of what I’m looking for when my rogue hits 80 (hopefully next week!)

  5. SpearXXI says:

    You are welcome! Now, this is a lil tricky to do, but once you hit 77/78 you *can* do normal TOC, FOS, POS, and HOR; however, you *cannot* queue up for it. The trick is to get some guildies to carry you through those instances and you will get 1 triumph every boss, some nice purple gear, and some decent XP.
    In addition, make sure you are doing at least 1 random heroic a day, because it will give you 2 triumph badges. Once you hit 80 the first random gives you 2 frost and every random after that gives you triumph. As I was leveling my shaman, I always queued up for random and just quested while I waited. A lot of people queue up for that range, so it should not take *too* long. (YMMV) Since you will be starting out fresh, try and get the 2 set from T9 first with badges and then switch to replacing the biggest upgrades. For example, lets say you have a ilevel 219 chest and blue pants. Replace the pants before the chest etc. Though it might be best to go for the trinket and ring after you get your 2 set, so it is up to you. The nice thing about gearing up a dps is people should not complain about your low numbers, because they will see you are undergeared (The only time it may become an issue is Heroic Halls of Reflection). Best of luck gearing up and getting ready for raids!

    PS As you get your starter gear make sure you at least gem them with cheap gems, and maybe throw a cheap enchant or two as well, as it will help a ton. Though if the gear is going to be replaced in 2 seconds don’t worry about enchanting it.

  6. Banibaq says:

    Now, I’m leveling my Rogue more or less to be my pvp character. What PvE items can I not go without that i should pick up through running heroics instead of spending the badges on PvP gear? I suppose weapons would be a primary, since I am questing with the two BoA daggers atm.

  7. Sanomi says:

    when my rogue gets to 80, i was running 2 or 3 heroics per night. Just to accumulate the triumph badges.
    After that I just keep changing for tier sets anytime it reaches the right amount.
    Then the triumph rings etc.
    The 1st frost item I bought was the War token trinklet and there after the back piece. I haven’t get to the tier 10 items yet, but they’ll be next.
    A good piece of weapon to start off with will be the BOE daggers Unsharperned Ice Razor from the trash in ICC heroics. As they arn’t unique equipped, I got 2 of those for both hands. unless of cos you are not a dagger fan.

    Well my idea was keep changing out those low items as soon as possible. Those blues and greens when you just hit 80.

  8. SpearXXI says:

    As you are getting PVP gear with badges, etc you will want to get trinkets, rings, neck etc from heroics as it will be awhile before you are done with your pvp set to start buying the other stuff.

    The biggest observation which kinda obvious is your millage may vary on what to get first, etc. You never know what gear you will get as you are building it up, so just get what you can as you save up for your gear list.

  9. samueltempus says:

    Lol, Bani could’ve asked me in vent….he’s a guildie.

    – Sam

  10. Lyndiana says:

    Lol @ Sam. You’re a teacher! Of course he could have asked you in person, but then how would the rest of us get the answer to a question no one asked out loud? Spear’s answer was kind of generic, but very accurate, IMO. I appreciated both.

    Hopefully you’re all lucky rogues who get T10 from Vault your first week at 80 and can spend your badges how you like! (Crossing my fingers for you Bani!)

  11. SpearXXI says:


    Most of the time, when I give my responses, I’m usually a little out of it, as I try and fight off going to bed as long as possible. I’m glad my responses do make some sort of sense. lol

  12. Kiina says:

    Just want to say I changed my lvl 15 combat rouge to SUB and I’m loving it. I’m lvl 22 now and BGs are fun to play! Whole crowds of Hordies run right by me, I pick a target, then ambush. It is too much fun because I have to think and plan out. Oh and sunder armoring a tuaren warrior and biting him down is a wonderful thing.


  13. Banibaq says:

    Sure, I could’ve asked but I have been on vacation myself, so no vent for me. And this seemed the appropriate topic.

    @ Spear – I think I didn’t really ask the right way. What I meant was to find out certain PvE pieces that I can (not necessarily have to) acquire through badges that would be very helpful if I wanted to take my rogue into the Arena? Or would essentially a fully PvP equipped Rogue not be gimped too much?

    Thank you

    P.S.: This question is also for Sam and anyone else for that matter. And I will ask you in vent when I see you 🙂

  14. SpearXXI says:

    Yeah, I focus on PVE, so I do not know what PVE gear would be great for you in PVP arena, etc. I would assume once you get enough resil, you want items that will give you more burst?

  15. Banibaq says:

    I guess you’re right. I just know my way around the shadow priestly ways when it comes to dps, so when you say burst, I ask myself what gives me the highest burst? Is it ArP or AP or something completely different. I guess, ArP is not really the way to go since there is no passive ArP on gear and doesn’t it only get better with higher levels? But then again, 9% ArP through Serrated Blades helps.
    I is confused…I think I’m just gonna wait 6 more levels until I break my head open over this

  16. SpearXXI says:

    What spec you pvping as?

  17. Banibaq says:

    Subtlety, both in BGs and Arena (eventually)

  18. Ab says:

    Try getting both the unsharpened ice razor and the seven-fingered claw from the ICC-5-men HC’s. It makes CQC combat viable imo.

  19. SpearXXI says:

    Indeed those items will make CQC viable; however, the drop rate is substantially higher to get axes and swords in the ICC heroics and Icecrown Citadel first wing has only combat weapons, which means if your guild is starting out in ICC you will not get past first wing too quickly.

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