A Room with a View

I’ve posted very few progression photos, but having actually set foot on the Frozen Throne, I felt I had to post this, and not for me, but for the hard work my 10 man raid has put in.  Getting this far in Wrath has been extremely exciting, especially when I consider that  in BC, we never set foot in Hyjal, Black Temple or Sunwell, and only killed a handful of Tier 5 bosses.  As the picture suggests, we finally downed Sindragosa and moved on to Arthas.

Bucklers is not a hardcore progression guild.  We’re a tight-knit group of friends that like to raid, and while we’re serious about seeing all of the content, we’re going to have a good time while we’re doing it.  Take Javaed for instance, who decided that intentionally killing his raid/guild leader was significantly more important than raiding this week.  Does it bother me?  Nah.  Making a habit out of it, that’d probably upset me.  I might have a few corrections to make though…

– The Reports of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated –

Deaths # 1,  & 2

Anything that happened before Marrowgar was probably more my fault than Javaed’s.  I really do not like to have conversations in whisper while raiding, but I had a guild issue to take care of, so I was discreetly working on that and not at all paying attention to what was going on.  In fact, I was so into the conversation I was having that I was referencing things from the other monitor and not even looking at my game screen at times.  I deserved to die.  In fact, on the second death when both of the glacial blasts hit me, I was fully convinced it was entirely my fault, as I was standing 50 yards behind the action still engaged in my conversation.  When we did get to Marrowgar, I stopped the conversation, and topped the damage by 3%.  Boss DPS is serious business.  🙂

 Unsuccessful attempt #2

The frostwyrm before gunship has it in for me and always has.  I can be standing in the middle of a group of melee, no where near the tank in threat, and *poof*  I’m dead.  This has happened quite often.  I don’t know that a week has gone by where the group hasn’t talked about it.  I find it extremely funny that despite the group’s best attempt to make this happen, instead of let it happen, I lived through the encounter. 

Death #3

I think Javaed was a little amiss in his explanation of this incident.  He states “Sam started getting ticked off at our raid’s ‘poor performance.'”  Actually it wasn’t the death here that had upset me.  Mere minutes before, one of our tanks decided to pull the two valk’yrs at the same time, while a few other people were most definitely AFK.  The adds quickly got out of control, and we sat there for 4 minutes not really getting anything done until we eventually wiped.  That was sloppy performance, and something that we’ve been seeing more of on trash in recent raids.  If anything I was upset more about the trend of bad trash pulls and wipes over the last month than anything else.

As for Javaed’s new quest “Bring Me His Head,”  good luck with that.  There are only 3 reasons Sam leaves Dalaran these days:

  1. The quick flight to a Raid
  2. A random heroic
  3. It’s really The Mrs. using my account to herb.

Someone might be able to kill me once, but the likelihood of getting killed 5 times by the same person when it’s actually me  is very remote.  Besides, I’m spending most of my account time leveling in Single Abstract Noun (the blogger guild, if you’ve been under a rock), and gearing out 80 #7, the shaman. 

Anyway, good for Javaed, but I hadn’t forgotten about it; I simply didn’t expect him to get the entire group in on the fun.  Hopefully now we can get back to killing Arthas.  If the group can put as much effort into that as they did into trying to get me killed 5 times, I’m sure we can get him down in the coming weeks.

– Sam

5 Responses to A Room with a View

  1. Anslym says:

    Oh, I wouldn’t be too sure about the 5 kills. You never know when they might happen.

  2. syldanna says:

    Grats Sam! Quite the achievement. My guild recently extended our RAID ID and fought the LK for 3.5 hours straight. Managed to get him to 65%, a feat we are very proud of. I remind my guild members it took us 22 attempts to down Putricide and we 1 shot him with 10 and are close to doing it with 9. We eventually unextended our raid ID and cleared up to Sindragosa in a single night getting a couple achieves along the way. Don’t know if you have made any real attempts at him yet, but it is very much a raid aware, position and timing fight. We have an unusual raid composition so we never use the tankspot strategies. But we figure out how to make it work, trust our healers and do ubber DPS to down these wretched foes. Hope you get him soon.

  3. Strikyn says:

    Very jealous of the progress, but great work Sam, keep it up! Look forward to hearing about his fall at your mighty (tho smallish being a gnome) hands!

  4. Ger says:

    Every once in a while, the causing of a friend/guildmate’s death can be great fun. One of my very favorite memories of playing WOW was my first and only foray into 40 man AQ -my warrior was mind controlled by a boss and I preceded to run around as a giant troll juggernaut utterly destroying one person after another. Not purposeful, but great fun nonetheless. 🙂

    Then we were wiping on a boss in Serpentshrine and a good rogue friend of mine was very pleased with himself as he vanished and went into a corner to hide… I led the boss over to him and the boss knocked him out of stealth and he went down with the rest of us. We all enjoyed it immensely. Even the rogue got some humor out of it -though he whispered me a few choice names I had never been called before.

    Unfortunately, I don’t raid with my guild anymore. There are still some great people but most of our good raiders have moved on to more serious raiding guilds and our current raid leaders are amazing but will not tell a 3k-4k DPS that they are not pulling their weight enough to do ICC. We got up to Rotface and a couple of attempts on Putricide before I got fed up with the idea of “carrying” people through ICC. I don’t mind wiping as we progress but I am not interested in wiping due to DPS who want to raid but can’t be bothered to pay attention to their surroundings and/or won’t put in the effort to learn how to put out acceptable numbers to progress. On the other hand, I’m not prepared to join a serious raiding guild -I’m extremely picky about the people I play with.

  5. Ger says:

    Bad choice of words on saying “carrying people through ICC” as I’m not sure that is possible. It seems to require everyone putting forth their best. Our top DPS is a Rogue that is proud of her Recount but has no concept of her surroundings and dies more than anyone else in the raid… and she doesn’t understand how that’s her fault.

    Anyway, sorry to vent on your blog. I really do enjoy reading this site and I think I’m going to go home and start a new gnome rogue.

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