Single Abstract Noun

Don’t worry blogroll, you’ll get edited soon.  But first, an exciting opportunity recently came up:

 The idea was made for a “bloggers” guild and has been set up both for the EU servers, and here at home.  I was looking for a way to test the subtlety changes when patch 3.3 something or whatever it’s called comes out.  Not only does this opportunity give me the chance to test that out, but the atmosphere is very friendly and chat is quite active.

This is open to all bloggers, and the readers of those blogs as well.  If you’ve got the time, it might be worth your while to roll a toon on the appropriate server and faction to check it out.  You might even get to play alongside me.

In a related story, I remember leveling the original Sam, and I’m happy to report that I haven’t died nearly as many times on this version.  I won’t say that it hasn’t happened, but I’ve spent a lot less time running back from the graveyard than I did the first time around.  Besides, the first time I was dying because I didn’t know any better.  The few times I’ve died with this Sam have been from standing my ground and almost prevailing.  Maybe I should learn to flee like a good Rogue should.  Must be all that time I keep logging on my Paladin.

– Sam

8 Responses to Single Abstract Noun

  1. Fealen says:

    About the dying while leveling, 99% of the mobs that were Hostile in the starting zones were changed to Neutral in a patch long ago. You can effectively walk into a encampment and kill the leader and walk out unharmed. I took the same notice when I started leveling my mage.

    Thank you Blizzard?

  2. samueltempus says:

    Yeah, I was pretty dissapointed in the “starting area.” The first troll cave used to be significantly harder. I was level 9 before I died, when they weren’t just hostile, but ranged as well.

    – Sam

  3. crankyhealer says:

    I’ll “tank” for you! I’m sturdyish! (Pally in this incarnation.)

  4. SpearXXI says:

    Yeah the change to the starter zones make is such a walk in the park. Now it is just weird leveling through them. lol

  5. Sanomi says:

    I was just leveling my warrior last few days and I managed to solo morben fel in duskwood! that was quite a surprise.
    Additionally it is really quicker to level now.

    And I just found out that low level can also use the random dungeon finder, and the rewards are nice in a bag (instead of the badges we get).

  6. SpearXXI says:

    Yeah, once you hit level 15 you can start queuing up in dungeons, and it is a great way to gain XP.

  7. Vulpina says:

    I rolled a toon for SAN, but I was too shy to poke someone to ask for a invite! 😦

    There were quite a few people on though, 24ish, in the guild! Awesome.

  8. samueltempus says:

    just join the chat chanel – /join singleabstractnoun

    Someone will invite you and it’s a great atmoshpere, so I’d reccomend it.

    – Sam

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