Axe-Wielding Maniac

Upon receiving the 10 man Axes from the first wing of ICC on Tuesday, I respeced my off spec to Combat.  I’ll admit, I’m a bit rusty, and I’m getting used to it again, but two things did stick out to me yesterday while I was adjusting back:

  1. Combat didn’t feel any better on trash or bosses in heroics.
  2. Leveling melee weapon skills as a Rogue is a joke, and no Rogue should ever complain about it.  Ever.

Focusing on point #1, I did a random with some guildies to get the last 10 or so levels of Axe skill.  On the first boss, I got a 2pt Slice and Dice up, popped Blade Flurry, and Killing spree like a good Combat Rogue should, and then proceeded to pop Adrenaline Rush to Sinister Strike my way to a 5 pt Eviscerate, except the boss died before that could happen. I almost missed the 4pt Eviscerate I did manage to land. 

Conclusion:  Short fights (25 seconds or less) are better suited to Combat Rogues, but only due to the inital burst from using Killing Spree.  I thought it would be Energy related, but truth be told, there’s not as big of a difference in the amount of Energy a Combat Rogue and an Assassination Rogue have in that small span of time.  Inital burst from Combat is the main difference in such a short fight.

On to point #2, Rogues have to have the easiest time leveling weapons of any class.  I had zero axe skill yesterday, and it took me all of 2 minutes to get to 300 skill.  I flew out of Dalaran and found one of the frozen earth elementals in north Dragonblight to Sinister Strike spam for a few minutes until he died, and after killing 3 of them was nearly to 340.  After that, I went to pay the Scarlet Onslaught a visit.  The mobs have a much tighter grouping and make it easier to be constantly hitting something.  In the end, 7 minutes was all it took to get past 380, and I did the heroic previously mentioned to get it 398.  I’m sure it’ll be maxed in whatever random I do today.  Nobody levels melee weapon speed faster than a Rogue.

Anyway, after It’s amazing how a brief 4 month hiatus will make something as simple as Combat feel so foreign.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get back in the “groove” soon, as I’d love to try it out on some Raid bosses.  I’m still not sure if my 251 Axes will beat my 245 Daggers, but I’ll find out soon.

– Sam

8 Responses to Axe-Wielding Maniac

  1. Armagon says:

    Exactly the same here 🙂
    I did 1x RFC in Org, that brought me to ~330, then I killed some 2-3 mobs near Dalaran and was at 370, and went to a heroic. Before we reached Nadox in OK I was at 395.

    Technically those 2 Axes should beat my Golem-Shard Sticker MH + Sinister Revenge OH, but I’m not so sure.. I totally lost my sense of playing Combat.

  2. Vrark says:

    I find that Combat plays very different from Assassination, moreso than most realize. The biggest difference is burst phases. I found during a Bloodlust, if I popped BF, my orc racial, a speed potion, and Killing Spree, I would skyrocket up the charts and output more damage than I have done with Assassination.

    However, it’s not just the weapons that make the spec, trinkets and gems are huge, particularly with Arp.

    Happy Roguing.

  3. Sykoh says:

    I just picked up Frostbitten Fur Boots for my Combat offspec. I am gemmed all AP or AP/Haste with the ICC 251 MH and the TotC 245 OH. I ended up 3rd dmg done on Anub25 last night.

    I use my Combat spec to farm so gems and gear havent been a priority. Heck, my OH isnt enchanted!

    Combat can still hang, even with the “wrong” gems/gear on add-heavy fights or encounters with significant downtime.

  4. Alex says:

    I bet enh shaman using his resto gear or even ret paladin in holy gear will make it faster than any rogue 🙂

  5. Grims says:

    I like a couple points in snd, then adrenalin rush, blade fury to killing spree.

  6. Shun Tzu says:

    Hello Sam,

    Are you slacking? Or maybe nothing new was happened in wow?
    I’m joking of course 🙂

    Keep your chin up 😉

    /target Sam

  7. SpearXXI says:

    Shun Tzu,
    There is some changes happening to the sub tree that looks to boost it for PVP, but probably not as a viable raid spec. I’m sure when Sam gets more time off he will talk about it and all that jazz. His work load is most likely full at the moment.

  8. Shun Tzu says:

    Thanks SpearXXI,

    I read all 3.3.3 notes, ShS Hemo daggers can become viable for PvP but in my humbly opinion after some trials most of rogues will come back to 44/2/25 after that.

    /have fun

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