Monday Morning Macro

Although I’m pretty good at remembering to use Tricks of the Trade on longer fights to boost group DPS, I’ll admit that I forget about it a fair amount of the time.  That being said, having recently received the two set bonus (Your Tricks of the Trade ability grants you 15 Energy instead of consuming it), I needed a better method of applying it to another DPS.

I’m a keybinder, using a Logitech G13 for most of my bindings.  However, I left Tricks unbound on a bar off to the side of the screen near my raid frames (I use Grid).  I would simply click Tricks and then click on the person I’d want to cast it on.  I would do this when not energy capped, so other than costing 15 energy, It didn’t affect my rotation.  However, now I want to make sure I’m using it when it’s up every time, and I wanted to create a macro that would make that task easier.

My inital macro looked like this:

/tar character name

/cast Tricks of the Trade

I made that back in Naxx, and I haven’t changed it until recently (primarily due to just clicking).  There are two problems with that macro:

  1. You have to edit it every time you want to cast it on a different person
  2. It de-targets your current target.

The editing aside, targeting was a big issue for me, because I’m the main assist for our raids. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the concept of a main assist, that’s the person who selects what target is DPSed.  It actually works better than raid marks, if you can get everyone on board to the concept.  Anyway, to fix the de-targeting issue, I worked with a friend to make this:

#show tooltip Tricks of the Trade

/cast [@focus] Tricks of the Trade

Assuming that you have a focus target set, this macro will cast Tricks of the Trade on them provided that they are within 20 yards and the ability isn’t on cooldown.  It will also retain your current target so you won’t have to reselect your target to resume DPS, you just press the button and keep going about your business.  The only two pieces of effort on your part are /focus on who ever you want to tricks and actually pressing the button during the fight.

Anyway, hope that helps.  I’ve found it immensely useful in my playing from heroics to raiding.  Maybe you’ll get some mileage out of it too.

– Sam

15 Responses to Monday Morning Macro

  1. Zeromaxx says:

    I used the focus macro myself forever but now that it is an energy gain I have 2. One focus for the tank if he needs a threat boost. The second is:

    /cast [target=nameofotherrogue] tricks of the trade

    Does the same as your initial macro minus changing target so no loss of autoattack dps.

  2. Korzik says:

    Combine that macro with Clique set up to change your focus with a mouse click on your raids frames and you have a quick and easy way to change who you are Tricks’ing without loosing your current target.

  3. aveiceae says:

    I use a focus macro as well… don’t know how I functioned without it!

  4. Boebob says:

    Nice, I like it. I might make an addition.

    Just in case you want to cast it on someone else; tank, off-tank, etc. etc.

    #showtooltip Tricks of the Trade
    /cast [@mouseover] Tricks of the Trade

    This will change the macro to target whatever unit frame you are currently over without ACTUALLY clicking it. It doesn’t work for you ability clickers, but it does work for the keybinders.

    The only reason I SLIGHTLY prefer this version is if you have the main assist set as your focus. If you happen TO BE the main assist it becomes a moot point.


  5. TheReaper says:

    I use the focus macro for the target I will be constantly tott’ing (another rogue normally), in addition to that I have grid set up with clique so I can right click on someone to cast tott on them, so I usually use that to give tott to the tank when threat matters (beginning of the fight, phase transitions, aggro resets etc.).

  6. Knut says:

    Hmm.. Thank you for the macro when i raid I usualy have the MT as my focus so this will work for my initial trics and the ones during trash (FoK).
    And I will sett up a second one like described in the replys to a dps. (I have been cliking the dps now).

  7. kaneko says:

    i don’t understand focus yet. i use your initial macro with an added

    /assist char name

    and yes i have one for each person i need it for. :S

  8. anti-theist says:

    i use the macro:
    #showtooltip Tricks of the Trade
    /cast [help] [target=focus, help] [target=targettarget, help] Tricks of the Trade

    if you target a friendly target it’ll cast it on them
    if you have a focus it will cast it on them
    otherwise it will cast it on your target’s target (hopefully the tank ^_^)

    in heroics i focus the tank just as with your macro.
    in raids i usually focus a melee dps (another rogue) for use during the fight but start the fight by manually targeting the tank for initial threat.

  9. Samueltempus says:


    Focus is another way of setting a target that you want to track that isn’t your primary target. I can be used on friend and foe alike, but to use it, simply click on the player, mob, etc. or the raid / party frame of someone, and type /focus. This should pop up another window on your screen. They will stay your focus until you focus something else, or you type /focus without targeting anything else.

    – Sam

  10. SpearXXI says:

    Note to people with Xperl you will have to manually type /focus on a targeted target to focus them, since Blizz doesn’t like mods using focus for some reason.

  11. Treeman says:

    Just a note to anyone who runs heroics often. In Oculus, your focus target will be cleared each time they go on their drake, so remember to set them as your focus again each time you get off your drake. This macro works great for me!

  12. Mobius says:

    Why would you use TotT on rogues? It blows their threat through the roof. The extra dps boost is not enough of a bonus to risk the gamble. I trick the warrior only in my raid. Most normally to save my own butt then anything

  13. samueltempus says:


    I’m going to have to respectfully dissagree with your analysis. The other Rogue should be using tricks on you as well, negating the so called “extra threat.”

    If two Rogues using Tricks in unison are able to catch a tank in threat then then either:

    A.) The tank isn’t holding enough threat
    B.) The Rogues aren’t using vanish to clear their threat.

    If the Rogues still manage to catch the tank after a vanish, then look back at point A.

    I have never pulled aggro off a tank in Wrath, even full steam DPSing, and I doubt that I ever will. If 7k+ DPS on the 10 man version of Saurfang won’t pull, I don’t know what will. Current tank threat generation is simply too great for a similarly geared Rogue to catch if they boost the initial threat with tricks and Vanish when needed.

    Rogues using Tricks on each other, or another melee DPS isn’t risky, or a gamble at all. It is however a personal DPS boost with two pieces of tier 10, and a DPS boost to the other player you’re using Tricks on. In fact, if there are Rogues who are not using this method, they’re just missing out on the extra DPS their raid could be pulling.

    – Sam

  14. Dave says:

    I used to use both of the above macros until I discovered healbot. Healot is designed for healers, hence the name, however you can choose the spellcast when clicking.

    I now have it so that to cast TotT I simply right click a name on the healbot grid, therefore I can select more than one person, a limitation of the focus. This is also helpful in fights where the tanks ping pong, like in Festergut for example or in a fight where DPS is a problem, but the threat is not, to give a warrior or DK a bit of extra damage.

  15. Pyxia says:

    I typically use two macros for Tricks….one is the focus tricks above. I typically just focus it on one of our tank (I’m the only raiding rogue in my guild). Once I get my 2nd piece of T10 (should be on Friday), I will cast it even more often.

    I also keep handy a macro that just casts Tricks on whoever is the target of my target. That way in fights where there are tank switches, or in raids where I might not always want to cast on the same tank, I just press that one instead. It also works great for Oculus instead of constantly resetting my focus (which I always forget anyway). The only problem with this, is that if one of the crazy dps grabs aggro at the moment I press it, it will just make the problem worse. Doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.

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