Guide Rewrites Coming Soon

The guides are two patches behind, and while they’re still quite viable, they don’t reflect all of what I’m doing with my Rogue.  I’m currently using a 51/18/2 spec for PvE, and have changed a few things in my playstyle for the better.  The bad news is that it will take a near total rewrite to fix.  The good news is that miraculously, I’m not blocked at work anymore and can devote a little free time here and there to getting it done.

The plan is to start with the Assassination guide and then fix the Combat guide.  I won’t set a timetable, but I’ll say that it will get done “soon.”  As an aside, the 170 comments on the original post and its first revision are a testament to the great Rogue community around here.  I’m not the only one answering questions or offering suggestions around here, and I like that.  I hope it’s always like that.

– Sam

9 Responses to Guide Rewrites Coming Soon

  1. Kaera says:

    Can’t wait to read them! 🙂

  2. SpearXXI says:

    Yeah the cool thing about a blog is the continuing of conversation that tends to take place after a post is released. I’m glad you will get some free time soon to update them, and can’t wait to see what you tweaked in your strategy. I know I have completely stopped doing rupture unless I need to refresh HfB, or if I couldn’t get my Garrote off at the beginning of the fight.

    Though, most of the time the boss fights (in heroics) only need one HfB going full duration, so I burst it. For example, I will start with Tricks of the Trade then Garrote, get Slice and Dice rolling and Hunger for Blood, pop the trinket you get from triumph badges. Once I get 5 combo points with Mutilate I use Cold Blood and then Envenom. After that I just rinse and repeat Mut/Env, refresh TotT, and use my haste gloves (I’m an engineer) and bombs if I am waiting on or pooling energy. If the fight lasts longer than 60 seconds I will just pop a random rupture with whatever combo points etc. So far that has worked well for me. lol

  3. Matt says:

    @Spear – Instead of using the trinket manually, macro it to Envenom. That gives max potency to a huge Envenom and leaves the AP proc up during the Envenom buff, which is where the meat and potatoes of our dps happens as the new 51/18/2 spec. Also, with this spec, you should be pooling energy before Envenoms, which means that the extra AP is up not just for the Envenom proc, but 1-2 Mutilates and possibly another Envenom as well.

    @Sam – I would love to assist with the Combat guide, I have always enjoyed playing the *off* spec, which it currently is. I am pretty sure you can see my email address since you run this blog.

  4. Anarial says:

    Can’t wait for the re-writes! I got a Blood Elf Rogue to 80 following your Combat guide. While I’m no raider or DPS monster, the spec and rotation has served me well in the heroic 5 man content.

    I’ve got a Night Elf combat rogue at 57 currently, and want to switch to Assassination at 60. So the Assassination re-write it highly anticipated! With the new LFG tool out, I imagine I’ll level this rogue mostly in a dungeon.

    On that note and as a selfish suggestion, when you are re-writing please consider that a lot more of the leveling game is going to take place in dungeons from now on. So any suggestions you have for how to work instances at various levels will help, particularly those “awkward levels” where you have most but not all the tools for a full rotation.

    I enjoy your blog and reading all the various comments. It’s really one of the best rogue-specific sites on the web.

  5. Reformation says:

    New to rogues and your blog, and really enjoying it. Could you include some suggestions for leveling glyphs when you renew the guide? Would really appreciate it. Also if you could post some thoughts (on glyphs) here that would be helpful as well. Thanks for your work and dedication.

  6. Recked says:

    I’m using the same spec for PvE myself and look forward to reading your guide Sam.

  7. Hamacus says:

    Please update the Combat guide ASAP as there seems to be a lack of bloggers that give any attention to Combat spec. I know Assasination is better DPS wise for some fight mechanics but I love Combat playstyle. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  8. Baila says:

    Just found your blog and am eagerly awaiting the rewrite on Assassination (read that as please update asap!) Thanks, we appreciate it!

  9. Lexassin says:

    Hay I’m a silent folower, have tried your guid and love it!!! However I have fears as to wen cataclysm is released.. Things will change and I will go back to bein a nuub rogue again.
    Love lexassin

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