Double Zombiedrake

Given that I’ve never heard that term outside of my guild, I’m going to assume (probably wrongly) that we invented it (the term, not the accomplishment).  Anyway…

Zombiedrake [zom-bee-dreyk] -noun – A successful run of Heroic KoT: Culling of Stratholme in which the group completes both the Zombiefest and Culling of Time achievements.

We did this the other day, not once, but twice.  If you haven’t tried this before, it’s a good challenge for a dungeon that I’m sure we’ve all seen enough of.  To really understand the challenge, you have to realize that doing Zombiefest will take 5-8 additional minutes of timer for the Culling of Time…

I’m sure that most players out there know enough about the Culling of Time, but I’m surprised how many people I see walking around without Zombiefest.  I’m going to assume that most people try to get it by running through the gauntlet at breakneck speed.  I’m not even sure it’s possible to get it this way, but regardless, there is a much easier way to get this achieve.

Sam’s Super Easy Zombiefest Directions:

  1. Play the instance as normal until you get to the second boss.
  2. Have your tank kite the boss into the town hall.
  3. Wait for the Zombies to respawn outside of the town hall
  4. Kill the second boss, and wait for Arthas to get to the town hall.
  5. Continue and defeat the third boss.
  6. The tank turns off all reflective damage (shields with shield spike, ret aura, thorns, etc.) and grabs all of the zombies in the first area and kites them back to the rest of the group waiting at the gauntlet.
  7. Kill all of the zombies from the first area and begin the gauntlet.
  8. Congratulations you’ve just completed Zombiefest.

That’s it.  It’s not all that complicated, and there are only a few ways to mess it up.  Tanks can survive kiting the 60+ zombies, fairly easily, as they don’t hit very hard and walk slowly.  If you don’t have this achieve, get a group together and enjoy it.

If you can’t save the Guardian of Time with 5 or more minutes left on your timer, Zombiedrake is not for you (yet).  But if you’re used to clearing it with tons of time left, try it.  Even if you don’t need it, Zombiedrake is a good fun challenge.  Let me know when you pull it off, or if you already have.

3 Responses to Double Zombiedrake

  1. The Mrs says:

    This was a truly epic experience as we did it completely by accident the first time.

  2. Lyndiana says:

    Ah! The Mrs! Hi!!!! (Sorry Sam, had to do it! Nice post btw. 🙂

  3. snuzzled says:

    Zombiefest is easy, but very painful to those of us with old computers. I only have it because I was running CoT as a dps and the rest of the group said they were doing it. My framerate dropped so low when all the zombies came through the door I couldn’t have helped if I wanted to.

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