The New LFG = Win

I like the new LFG.


I LOVE the new LFG.

The Random button is the most fun I’ve had in recent history.  I hated running Heroics in BC for badges; in fact, loathe probably isn’t a strong enough word to describe my hatred for them.  Running for Badges of Justice back in the day as a Rogue wasn’t easy.  It was hard to find a group, and often the groups were terrible.  However, that experience isn’t something I’ve had since last Tuesday.  I always tried to get a guild run for any heroics I would do before 3.3, and while I still do go on those runs, I really enjoy running the random heroics.  They’re usually successful, and I get to interact with new people.

Truth be told, Sam has 220 Emblems of Triumph, and other than converting those into Heroism for a Mammoth or gems, I’ve not a lot of use for them.  Staying current in the raid game (unlike BC) I’ve been able to keep my gear up to par with whatever we’ve been working on.  I run them on my Paladin for gear, but on Sam, I run them for fun.  Sure, I’m working toward a Perky Pug, but even after I get it, I’ll probably keep running them.

I’ve seen some people complain about the system and while they’re entitled to their opinion, I’ve found the system to be a success.  Out of all the random heroics I’ve run between my Rogue and Paladin, only one has failed to complete, and the others were all full clear.

Now, a the best and worst moments:

Best: Gundrak – For the first (and only so far) time another player out DPSed me.  However, this was not the highlight of the group.  This random Pug managed to do the Achievement Less-Rabi (much to the delight of the 2 people in the group that didn’t have it).  Impressive, yes.  But again, this isn’t the coolest part.  We pulled it off without trying.  The interrupts were perfect, and not discussed ahead of time.  Pretty cool for 5 people that had never played together before.

Worst: Utgarde Keep – This was the run that didn’t finish.  After downing the first boss, and en-route to the second, there was a group wipe on trash.  The raid geared Resto Druid got a tad upset, and wrote in chat “I hate groups that don’t wait on the healer” before leaving.  I was thinking, “I hate healers that can’t keep up with an overgeared group that is taking minimal damage.”  Again, this was the only group that didn’t finish, so no worries; fail happens.

How about a Pro / Con list?

LFG, the Plus side:

  • Teleporting to and from dungeons
  • Cross Realm
  • Good Rewards
  • Gearing Alts

LFG, the not so Plus side:

  • Occulus*
  • DPS under 1k
  • Item trading issues

* Occulus isn’t hard.  It simply requires people to understand how to use a vehicle.  Even with the (third) nerf, there are still people who cannot, despite clear instruction, fulfill their group role on a drake.  That’s not my real issue.  Occulus can be 3 manned, and even with a  bad group (try 50% of the overall damage), it’s still easily cleared in 30 minutes or less.  The issue is that it ALWAYS comes up as either my first or second random.  While I have had every heroic as a random (except Azjol Nerub), I’ve had Occulus every day, and sometimes multiple times.  I’m not alone in this either.  It seems that it’s programed to be the “everyday” instance.

Anyway, small complaints aside, I love running randoms.  I wasn’t running many heroics before last Tuesday, and now I can’t get enough.  Who knows, maybe if you play Alliance on the Vengeance battlegroup, you might end up with me in your group.  I promise not to disappoint.  In heroics play my Rogue one way, and one way only:  Max DPS while taking minimal damage.  If you do happen upon one of my guys from Bucklers of Swash tell them, and they’ll let me know.  I think that’d be pretty cool, and yet another plus to a (in my opinion) great new LFG system.

– Sam

12 Responses to The New LFG = Win

  1. Adam says:

    I’ve had some great runs with this as well, funnliy enough my best has also been Gundrak. The group was insanely good. And that is the only problem for me so far – I can never group with them again. I really wish that Blizzard had put a friend finder or some way to list up great people that you have run with.

  2. SpearXXI says:

    Adam, if you get a good group members you can keep them in the group and queue up again. I did that tonight on my girlfriend’s rogue. We had a kick ass priest, a random guy gearing up his alt, me, and this married couple, who both tanked at different times. We just went from heroic to heroic getting random achievements done, which is really fun to do now since it adds flavor to the heroics. The only snag was the last one was CoS and we didn’t get the timed boss, but we did Zombiefest instead. lol

  3. Chris says:

    This is the first week for me to run dungeons. The LFG is totally great. I ran my first heroic last night and had a blast. Occulus, I can see why people don’t like it now, we made it through, but it is my least favorite. I just followed everyone else around. The LFG has totally renewed my love for WOW, because I was getting totally get burned out on PVP.

  4. Shanker says:

    For the most part I’ve enjoyed it, it beats the heck out of the old system.

    However, on a couple of occasions I’ve run into people bringing their shiny new 80s into the random dungeon and they simply cannot pull their weight. Mostly an issue when you get the new Icecrown 5-mans. Thankfully most people are power-geared at this point so slackers can be carried. Didn’t see this too much when runs were restricted to within server because people had reputations to think about so they wouldnt dare. Also had one run with a very obnoxious player who was handing out insults, going AFK, etc. Someone started a “vote to kick” but it didn’t pass for some reason so we had to tolerate his BS for a full run, which was successful but I’d rather not have to deal with that. Reminded me of how people talk to each other in the cross-realm BG groups, noob-this, noob-that, etc.

    So that was the exception but still it would be nice to be able to “Ignore” someone from another realm so that you do not have to group with them again. Once the group was disbanded, the player cannot be ignored as far as I could tell.

  5. Blasse says:

    Shanker, you can ignore em, and if you do you won’t be able to grp with em again! You just have to put there realm in the ignorelist aswell. Like when you shiftklick on there name to link it in chat.

    Anyway, I also LOVE the new system. Been lvling a alt with instances only for a wile, did tops 1-2 instances per day before. Now I get a group 5-10 mins after i Join the queue! One of the best features soo I have seen from Blizz Imo! Totaly love it!

    Only backside is the morons you get to grp with sometimes who leave in the middle without telling why ect, glad that ignore list exists but it still stole alot of minutes just needing to w8 for another one.

  6. Mahkno says:

    I can’t say my experience has been as positive. The groups have been alright but there must be a greater tank/healer to DPS ratio in my battle group. I have had several nights waiting well past 90 minutes for a group. Waiting 30+ minutes is all too normal. What is really annoying is that you can’t queue up for BGs to pass the time or concurrently queue for a raid in hopes that might happen sooner.

    All said… not much different than before.

  7. Banibaq says:

    Indeed, it takes quite some time for a lone dps to find a random group. Sometimes it helps to also spam trade chat and group up with someone that way (preferably with a tank or healer to speed up the process).
    My main Banibaq is not getting much more out of Triumph badges, tho. All I usually do is run the first one for the frost badges and then switch to my alt, who fortunately is a tank. How does Instant-Queue sound? I’ve been successfully gearing up my warrior over the past few weeks, mostly through triumph badges. It is quite amazing how fast characters can now catch up to others.

    Still the best feature in my eyes is the teleport in and out of the instance without any sort of cooldown. That is amazing and cuts down on almost 50% of the heroics time that was usually spent traveling. Also, if someone decides to quite halfway through an instance, like in your case Sam: No worries, queue up the group once more and find another player just like that. What usually caused entire groups to fall apart has almost no impact anymore. I love it

  8. Thimble says:

    I feel like the best thing to come out of this is that there are likely to be a lot more tanks in short order, because they realize how easy it is to get a group. Of course that likely means a lot more awful tanks, but you have to take the bad with the good.

    I’ve had some pretty terrible groups so far in random heroics, and I still feel like I have a responsibility to them in some way so I stick around and try to make things work. In reality, I should get out of there as soon as my 15 minutes is up, but I can’t bring myself to do it. Does anyone else run into the same moral dliemma?

  9. Chris says:

    I had a bad experience last night in “The Pit” we had a palidan and buddy of his forging some weapon, the rest of us were cool we can wait. Well after they were done they said “we gotta go” and left us hangin. We waited around for these ass holes and then they didn’t have respect to finish the dungeon. Oh well, next group was awesome.

  10. Zyfrain says:

    I’ve also enjoyed the new LFG interface immensely, though as a Priest I’ve never had much trouble finding groups. What I have had is trouble finding groups for the obscure heroics, like Halls of Stone or Occulus, which I really enjoy. The ability to run them without waiting two hours is awesome!
    Since my group almost wiped the first time through UK in the same place, I might be able to lend some insight on your healer problem. The floor in that hallway is very uneven, though not noticably so. Having not done that heroic in a long time, and crusing up to that point, I wasn’t really paying full attention until everyone’s health started plummeting. At that point it was too late to save some of the DPS. Happens in Violet Hold also, though most people will have run that more recently. It was still his fault, but its a good bet that problem will get better once people get used to the zones again. Being a jerk about it, that he’ll have to live with 🙂

  11. Kaera says:

    Off topic, but I just wanted to leave a comment to thank you for the wonderful information on your site. Such a great read. My four year old rogue languished for over a year, but now I have her at 80 and am truly excited about the class again. After playing combat exclusively, assasination has been a revelation and your guide has made it so easy. Cheers,
    and keep up the great work 🙂

  12. Lyndiana says:

    You know, in all my runs I’ve never gotten Occulus. (Knock on wood!) I get Gun’drak regularly though, like a lot of other people apparently. It seems my “regular daily” is Nexus, I almost always get that at least once. Perhaps it picks on everyone differently.

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