The Hallowed


I know that some of this title was based on luck.  I also know that I saw 3 Hallowed Helms yesterday, the third coming in a treat bag after I finished the Achievement.  I’ve also already received multiple sets of toothpicks from treat bags.  Lucky or not, I finished all of the achievements this year in less than 2 days.  Check my Armory if you don’t believe it.  It is possible, and it really doesn’t require that much work.  Just make sure you’re running with a consistent group for the drops off HH and trick or treat whenever possible.  You’ll get there, you still have almost 2 weeks.

Good Luck,

– Sam

6 Responses to The Hallowed

  1. preni says:

    nice one sam.

    just waiting on the toothpick here myself. It just aint happening for me. 1st time post for me, but have been benefiting the info on this site for some time.

    keep up the good work

  2. repgrind says:

    Wow, taht was fast. Grats Sam! 🙂

  3. Recked says:

    Nice post… You’ve certainly inspired me to go and have a go at this tonight. To be honest I haven’t spent any time doing these World Events since we’ve been concentrating on raiding.

    However, with the recent growth of the guild we’re now running 2 groups for totc 25 and I find we’ve all got a lot more time to pursue other interests in-game. Priodr to this we were running with just 1 core group doing everything.

    I’m keen to check our Hallow’s End just for the “WoW experience” if nothing else. No doubt I’ll post an update on my blog too.

  4. Ruhtra says:

    Grats on the completion of this. It took me a year and four days to finish this and all I needed was a couple costumes and going and throwing some rotten eggs and stinkbombs. Talk about lazy here. Grats man!

  5. Wraithstrike says:

    Been working on this title for my DK and finally got it Saturday after I got the hallowed helm to drop for me….had lost it two consectutive times prior to that.

    Thanks for your offer to help me out Sam, even though I got it in a PUG I still appreciate the offer.

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