From Zero to Hero

There are some truly terrible players in this game. If you read this blog with any consistency, you’ll know how foreign a statement that is coming from me. I’m of the belief that anyone can be a decent player if the can find the right information, and to that end, I try and point people in the right direction. But, I have to admit that I wasn’t always like this, and at one point I thought the person I’ll be discussing today had no hope of ever becoming a better player. Not only was I wrong, but this particular player is now a well respected guild member, and a good friend. This is his story…

Back in the day, when I was but a mere low-level rogue I came across a guild name that I, as a young Alliance player, thought was incredibly cool: Sword Through The Horde. I mentioned in vent just how cool I thought that this name was, and was promptly told how terrible this guild was by the members of my own guild. Looking back, they were right; STTH was probably one of the worst guilds on the server. From my perspective, at least as much of it as I can remember, they tried to be semi-serious about some semblance of progression, but never could seem to retain enough good members to be successful at it.

Anyway, I was informed that of all the players in their guild, the leader was by far the worst. iharrypotter (not kidding) the priest was known to be one of the worst and potentially most hated players on the entire server. He had a bizarre half Holy / half Shadow spec that was beyond terribad for both healing and DPS. In fact, beyond terribad might be giving it too much credit.

I found myself mentioning it in Vent every time I’d bump into him. One day I thought hat I hadn’t seen him in a while and armoried STTH. I found a skeleton of a guild with a different Priest as its leader. Upon further inspection, I realized that the leader hadn’t changed, just his name. I put the new name in the back of my head and all but forgot abou th Preist formally know as iharrypotter.

Fast forward a few months to just before the 3.1 patch, and Bucklers (my guild) is experiencing a recruiting surge. We ended up picking up quite a few new people. We generally run a heroic with every one who applies to our guild, but sometimes the other officers run them instead of me. The player is pretty much in if they:

  • weren’t terrible
  • show potential
  • show interest in learning to improve

I didn’t personally go on the run, and no one knew it at the time, but the Priest formally known as iharrypotter was officially invited into he guild.

One night while I was raiding Ulduar, a month or so later, a Priest mentioned in guild chat that he used to be named iharrypotter. A few Bucklers left guild (as a joke) which got under my skin a bit, and I’m sure upset Chmelyk (as he’s known now). But the whole drama issue died fast, as Chmelyk wasn’t playing at the time.

Eventually he started to ask what it would take for him to get into our Ulduar raids, and we told him what we told everyone else: bring flasks, do X DPS unbuffed, and have Y iLevel gear. Well, he worked out some spec and rotation changes, got his gear in line and basically passed all of the usual tests we throw someone’s way before letting them raid in the current tier with one of our main raid groups. He was invited into our progression Ulduar 10 raid and not only played competently, but not once did he endanger the group. We cleared to Mimiron in that raid attempt, which was as far as we had gone up to that point.

Don’t ask me when and where but at some point while being in Bucklers, he became motivated to improve. He ceased being iharrypotter, the worst player we knew, and became Chmelyk, our friend and very capable shadowpriest. He’s a great guy to laugh with in vent, and has taken our plethora of iharrypotter jokes (to this day there are many) in stride. I raid with him weekly, and while he may have been a player that needed to be carried before, now he’s someone that can help carry others if needed. Oh yeah, that cheesy title at the top; his idea. I always ask people before I post about them. He jokingly suggested the title and I ran with it.

I guess my point is, try not to judge too harshly the people you run into, because you just never know who the might grow to become, especially if you’re willing to lend a hand.

– Sam

13 Responses to From Zero to Hero

  1. repgrind says:

    What a cool story. I’ll have to say hi to him next time I log on Scath and he’s around. 😀

  2. Wraithstrike says:

    Repgrind you’re Scath? What happened you and the former Ravens that left? Frotty, Rank, et al. Hope all is well.

    Good story btw Sam.

  3. repgrind says:

    Different Scath. Scathalon is the DK I made to come hang out and harrass Sam (and pwn the 50s WSG bracket). Other than that, I’ve never played on the server.

  4. Chmelyk, formerly known as Iharrypotter says:

    Ok all this might be true, but I guess I should explain some of the error’s I have made.

    “iharrypotter (not kidding) the priest was known to be one of the worst”

    I began to play with some friends, they all had names like “Itinkerbell, and Icpthook” I was 12 young and stupid at the time a picked that name.

    “and has taken our plethora of iharrypotter jokes (to this day there are many) in stride.”

    I might like to add, I take these kinda of jokes nightly! Its all in good fun of course, except for David…not to sure about him.

    “He ceased being iharrypotter, the worst player we knew, and became Chmelyk”

    Erm, dont you mean Greg? The best? Its not even my real name. (thats a whole other story).

    “that cheesy title at the top”

    Alright fine…not some of my best work.

    “I guess my point is, try not to judge too harshly the people you run into, becuase you just never know who the might grow to become, especially if you’re willing to lend a hand”

    And of course I thank Bucklers for all the hard work you guys have put into taking me from Terribad to Dece in a few short months.

    – Former Iharrypotter / Currently Chmelyk / Greg

  5. samueltempus says:

    By the way, I’ve read all 7 Harry Potter books, so there was nothIng inherently wrong with the name…

    Anyway, you might have to guest post the “Greg” story. It was quite amusing in and of itself.

    – Sam

  6. Chmelyk says:

    Glad you approve my old name…sort of. I think I might hold off on the Greg story, save that one for a special occasion.

  7. Mac, THE paladin tank. says:

    Were you talking about me?
    I’m not sure…
    But it sounds like me….
    Paranoia powers! Activate!

  8. Topher says:

    Dont know what josh is talking about, everyone still hates iharrypotter,
    Greg on the other hand, that guy is the shizz.

  9. Spitt says:

    Reminds me of something that happened back in the day, before TBC was released. I was a lonely priest, holy spec, and was invited into a run thru SM. Ok, one of the guys understood that the priest keeps you guys alive and protected me… but as I would heal, I would gain aggro, and no one else would keep me alive. Died 5-7 times on one run. I tried to tell the others, they needed to either keep aggro, or protect the healer. I would run around like a chicken, running by these guys, trying to keep out of reach of the mobs, but still they wouldnt listen. The guy who helped me out a bit, invited me into his guild… and I stayed for 5 mins… til I saw that the other 3 peeps running the SM run with us, were also in the guild.

    Sure, maybe I could have taught them to be better group players, but is that really my job on a new guild to me?

  10. Recked says:

    Well having been inspired by your post I thought I’d have a bash at “the Hallowed” title. Just taking one evening (when servers here were so laggy we decided not to raid) I managed to get almost all done.

    I did a little more this evening before the raid and I’m Headless Horseman farming for the last vital piece to get that coveted title…

    That damn Hallowed Helm!

    Meh!… Maybe tomorrow I’ll have better luck (7% drop rate and I’ve done 10 times or so).

    I must admit I was fortunate enough to have done a few of the achievements needed last year.

    … Would e nice to get the mount too but I’ll settle for the title 🙂

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  13. samueltempus says:

    1.) Anslym linked to this post again today, which is about 2 more times than necessary.
    2.) I finally found and fixed some typos that have been in this post for a year. Thanks Anslym.

    – Sam

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