We Conquered and Now We Triumph

I’m sure most of us saw this coming, but in 3.3 everything that’s currently dropping Conqueror’s badges will now drop Triumph badges.  Recked has a good analysis of the change, along with his thoughts.  I won’t retool his thoughts here (you should read his post, imo), but I will answer the question he wrote at the end of the post: “What do YOU think?”

Overall, I think this change is both expected and good for the game.  It’s expected, as Blizzard has been making the mainstream gear more accessible, while still reserving the best gear for those who can down the hardest content.  I think it’s good for the game, especially raiding guilds, because it makes it easier to find an appropriately geared individual to fill any holes you have in your group.

Before I get nailed for that last comment, let me expand that thought.  I’m not talking about taking a person out of LFG for your raid; I’m talking about guildies on and Alt, or newer recruits that you’ve help gear out to fill a spot.  Basically, I’m talking about people whose capabilities you already know.  A word of advice though, it is possible to find good people in LFG if you check both Achievements and gear.  There’s an Acheivement section called statistics that will show you which bosses the player has downed, and how many times they’ve done it.

In his post, Recked makes a valid point that you can obtain a full tiered set via badges, in addition to some other items, meaning that Triumph badges offer an unprecedented amount of high quality gear.  To this end I completely agree with him.  Where we have a slight disconnect is when he says the following:

Rewards should be EARNED. Great gear comes from working at it; knowing your class/role, looking up and learning tactics, downing the bosses and clearing raids. NOT from over-geared players farming Heroic Dungeons every day. What kind of achievement is that?

Note carefully the wording I used.  I said there was a disconnect, not that I disagreed with him.  While I agree that players should earn their gear, the issue I take here, though minor, is the fact that a player running the heroic daily every day could possibly earn most of the Triumph gear before 3.3 anyway.  Anyone that has run the heroic daily every time since patch 3.2 hit (8/4/08) has already received about 150 Emblems of Triumph (almost enough for 4 pieces of Tier 9).   That’s not that far from the amount I’ve earned mainly from raiding.

I doubt the change will have much of an effect on me personally as far as my Rogue is concerned.  I’ve already earned 200+ triumph badges already, and I anticipate buying most of the gear I’d want from the badges before the month is out, which I assume, is long before 3.3 hits.  Where I do see this helping me out is for the numerous alts I have that I can fit a heroic in ever now and then, but don’t have the time to do any extensive raiding.  It will be nice to get their gear caught up so I can fill in for our other raid groups when needed.

Basically, I think we all expected that this would happen with the hit of patch 3.3.  Since the base tier was only available through badges anyway, it’s kinda hard to get upset about people having access to something that they already have access to.  You still have to raid or excel at PvP to get really good weaponry and many other gear slots that the badges won’t get you, so again, this is probably good for the game.  Your thoughts as always are welcome, but please back them up with some logic. 

– Sam

6 Responses to We Conquered and Now We Triumph

  1. Recked says:

    Hi Sam, I agree. You have addressed a point I overlooked… This is great news for those who will still need to complete their sets after patch 3.3 drops.
    Who knows I might still need some Emblems of Triumph? With a day or two running heroics, or doing some of the older raids (Obsidium Sanctum 10 and 25) I can finish my gear quickly to get into Icecrown.
    Reflecting on my post it may appear a bit elitist. This wasn’t the intention. At the end of the day the T9 level 232 is no where near as good as the level 245 stuff and I think this will make a big difference in the upcoming Icecrown raid.
    The T9 level 232 stuff will enable people to get into ToTC 10 and 25 and get their hands on the remaining items to complete their gear set for the next new raid. While they’re in there no doubt they’ll pick up some of the Trophies too enabling them to get their hands on the level 245 stuff too.
    Nice post!

  2. Javaed says:

    Even back in BC, it was possible to skip over certain tiers of content by farming badges or having gear crafted. This isn’t exactly new, it’s just been taken to a further extent in this expansion. Personally, I like the fact that we can grab gear through badges, as it can be a big help with upgrading that one item you can never grab.

    I’d also want to point out that even though we can get this gear easily, it’s by no means the best possible gear. BIS pieces are still resevered to Raid Boss loot tables. This even applies to the “free” tier gear, considerint that for many specs the tier gear isn’t even very good. Shadow Priests, for instance, have very litlle reason to grab all 5 pieces of Tier 9 (for now at least, the PTR buffs change that) and actually get better DPS boosts from a mix of Tier 8 and Tier 9. The tier gear is cool, but it’s rare for it to be the “best” gear, so why not pass it around?

  3. Wraithstrike says:

    I guess I see it like this, badge gear through heroics can be argued as a good thing or a bad thing but in reality it is a necessary thing.

    Most players that have played for any significant time, be it since vanilla, BC or even if they started on this x-pac, have one or more alts. This game, whether you admit or not, is focused on the end game. The stories, content and gear drive that. So if you spend all that time getting a toon or three up to 80 you need gear to progress. Now while it can be a time consuming job to gear out effectively 1 main through end game raiding without badge gear (I remember the 6 months to get all of my T1 and the gear that went with it to drop) how can you do that for your alts? Unless you have no life and can raid on all your toons everyday, you need a way to gear your alts…and to an extent (a big extent for casuals) your main.

    So how to handle this?, you have faction/rep gear and crafted gear..but honestly is anyone going to endgame raid with the exalted chestpiece from Ebon Blade or that nice 2h crafted mace? You have to have a way to do it and what started in BC with the introduction of badge loot has come to full blossom with badge teir loot. Is it obscuring the rewards for endgame raiders?…no it is not, they will always have the BIS gear through endgame, non badge gear loot. But if the Raid Leader needs an extra healer for a boss it is now easy for the DK to bring his alt priest (nicely geared through badge teir loot-thank you) in and help out.

    It also gives casuals a chance to decently gear up and maybe occassionally raid without having to be carried because he is wearing loot from quests and the occassional heroic (and no, gear from heroics is not competitive in the endgame).

    Lastly, it gives Blizzard a way to get the most out of the instances they designed for this X-pac, I mean how many folks would still be running heroics and even naxx if it wasnt for badges? Why disregard content that took months to design? As a business model it stands to reason that Blizzard would want a way to keep people interested in the game and attract new players as well. Badge loot helps with this nicely.

    just my 2 cents…

  4. Hinenuitepo says:

    I’ve definitely come to terms with it.
    Unlike many ‘hardcore’ raiders that want to hoard all the loot for themselves, I think it’s just fine for teh casuals to get the next tier down, even if it’s much easier for them than for the frontrunners that worked so hard for it.

    That’s the way it is. The ‘hardcore’ can still pat themselves on the back for doing it the hard way, and for getting the loot first.

    The system as you’ve pointed out is very good for rerollers, alts, and even for hardcore guilds trying to quickly gear up players.

    I see it as win-win. It’s just the attitudes of hard core raiders that stinks.

  5. Mac, THE paladin tank. says:

    It helped Iharrypotter.
    And the multiverse didn’t explode.
    So it MUST be a good thing.


  6. Iharr...Chmelyk says:

    I was doing fine all on my own, ToC just gave me the boost I needed to get raiding with you guys. Speaking of ToC, hows that new shield Mac…Oh wait……

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