Assassination in 3.2.2

Assassination got some pretty significant buffs in 3.2.2 to make sure that it could continue to scale as well as Combat has.  In short, your Envenoms no longer consume your Deadly Poison (when talented via Master Poisoner), and Envenom gets an extra 2% boost from attack power per combo point.  I knew this change was coming since they announced it just after 3.2 hit, and I’ve been trying to acquire Daggers of equal or better quality to my Swords.  As luck would have it, I reached that goal on Thursday and I have been testing Assassination since then.

I think that the best way to summarize the differences between the current Combat and Assassination specs is that Combat has controlled burst, whereas Assassination does not.  There are the three major DPS boosting cooldowns for Combat:  Adrenaline Rush, Blade Flurry, and Killing Spree.  I can blow them all whenever they’re available, or save them for when I need solid burst damage.  Assassination only has 1 true cooldown, Cold Blood, which really isn’t all that great, as most Rogues aren’t hurting for crit chance these days.  Your only other option is to fake another cooldown by using vanish offensively to activate Overkill.

You might assume that I’m not thrilled about Assassination, but that’s a false assumption.  While it lacks in on demand burst damage, Assassination, It makes up for with BIG numbers.  In a collection of 219-232 ilevel gear, I’ve seen Envenom crit for 14k, and that was in a 5 man.  So while I can control the spikes in Combat damage, I’ve no real control over the spikey nature of Assassination’s damage.

I have yet to raid with the 3.2.2 Assassination yet, but from what I’ve seen so far, Assassination seems to be producing more DPS than Combat at the moment.  I went from pulling 3-3.2k unbuffed on a dummy while Combat to 3.2-3.5k unbuffed after I switched back to Assassination.  If my schedule permits it, I’ll be testing this out in earnest this evening in a TOC10. 

14 Responses to Assassination in 3.2.2

  1. Wraithstrike says:

    I just love combat too much to go Assasination. Im combat maces (only because luck never shines on me in the sword or fist weapons) but with ~3900 AP and 35 crit unbuffed I am seeing Evis critting from 9-11k in 5 mans so I am pleased for now. I do PvP Muti though and my daggers are fine for that, but they are not of the level of my maces …so I will have to wait for better drops. But honestly, even if they do drop I dont think I would switch from combat, I enjoy the on demand BF,AR and KS freedom it gives you.

  2. laranthalas/ josh says:

    well i have seen big numbers for assassination and i have seen big numbers for combat….overall though the dps is pretty much the same for me….Now that aside like you said i can control the burst damage with combat and on the other side in 25man toc on the twin i have envenom crit for 41k before…but in the end on the overall the dps always ends up being remarkably close to the same for both for me….my gear has an average lvl of 232 so i’m very happy with both specs at the moment but i have to say i like combat more at the moment for the fact that i can control the burst unlike in assassination where its up to the wind when a crit goes off for when your burst is to come.

  3. Dinaer says:

    Its hard to separate the effects of the envenom buff from my gear upgrades to judge the impact on the buff. I’ve gotten a couple of upgrades since my last trip into Ulduar 10. (most recently the Emblem of Triumph ring) Last time I was in Ulduar 10 I did about 5500 dps on Deconstructor. This weekend I did that fight and almost hit 7k. I didn’t get a 1500 dps bump from just a ring upgrade. Even assuming that I had more beneficial raid buffs this time, I still must have gotten a nice push from the envenom buff. So I am a happy assassination rogue.

  4. Gigantor1960 says:

    I would love to try out Assassination but at the moment my daggers are really bad. Looking forward to your thoughts on the changes and hopeing for some upgrades in the near future.

  5. Hinenuitepo says:

    I raided forever as combat and loved it, even in LK when I switched to my DK as main. Recently, however, I’ve been running assassination on my rogue and as you point out, it’s in pretty good shape right now.

    As you say, the cd difference is notable, but not fatal for the spec. I always use vanish offensively in raids and it works well. It’s kind of similar to blood (lots of cds) compared to frost (only a ghoul and nerfed UA) for DKs – the style is different, but the outcome is similar.

  6. Mac, THE paladin tank. says:

    And Topher STILL tops you?
    Nerf suffixes
    Buff Full namers.

  7. Samueltempus says:

    Yeah, but he’s also too lazy to switch targets…. Kinda makes a difference.

    Despite that, I did manage to out DPS him on Northrend Beasts, and was quite competitive in the other fights. I suppose If I was killing adds while Anub was under the ground instead of leveling my crossbow skill, I’d have taken him there too.

    Let’s run an Ulduar XT 10 and see who comes out on top 🙂

    – Sam

  8. Mac, THE paladin tank. says:

    Because without me, you would never have such awesome dps.
    Your welcome.

  9. Lyndiana says:

    Who’s this Mac? Starting to sound like the Mrs. with that last comment there!

  10. Mac, THE paladin tank. says:

    Mac is a fictional tank that goes with group 1.
    He joined in hte summer, while you were gone.
    As far as you know, he doesn’t exist.

  11. Nihillis says:

    Hey! Great site for info (best resource I’ve found so far!)! Just wanted to ask, what are the best weapon enchants for Assassination?
    I’m currently rocking Mongoose on my off-hand (Rising Moon) and +26 agil on main hand (Black Knights Rondel) and was torn between a second Mongoose or beserking. Opinions please!

  12. Michael says:

    I have recently acquired the black knights rondel and the 10 man onyxia dagger and made the big switch to assasination. I don’t see myself going back to combat anytime soon. With the same item level weapons and all of them with berserking I got a 600 dps boost unbuffed on dummies. I had envemom crit for 17k yesterday in item lvl 219-232 gear. I’m getting addicted to seeing big numbers float across the screen in my combat text.

  13. Michael says:

    I’ve heard alot of debate on the subject but with envenom not consuming the deadly poison anymore, what do you think about slow/slow as opposed to traditional slow/fast if the two best daggers I have are both 1.8. I see it as ok because you aren’t rushing to get the 5 stack of deadly back after an envenom.

  14. simon says:

    hey im full T9 and Assassination spec i got problem with pulling of higher dps
    i get a lot of big numbers and good burst damage but its just not high enough
    usually on bosses i would do ambush, S&D, rupture, HFB, mutilate, envenom.
    and usually pop up cold blood on mutilate or envenom. i dunno if it is my rotation or not just dont seem to be doing the trick

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