Until yesterday, I’d never seen one of these drop, and I ran Coren on 4 toons daily last year, and as many as 6 every day this year.  In the hundreds of times I’ve killed him before the kodo dropped, I’d seen 1 remote, and 1 ram.  I’m just thankful that I won the roll.  Hopefully my good luck will rub off on any of you that are still trying to get it.

– Sam

13 Responses to Finally

  1. upgrayedd says:

    grats on the mount sam, i got one on my druid last year, first time killing coren, so i was lucky

    I’ve had the luck of the kodo dropping on my rogue the other day, we greeded for it, and i won, but a guildie in the group is fast approaching 100 mounts, and it’s getting to the tight area, so i gladly traded it to him

    gnome with the kodo is pure win….

  2. CC says:

    From one gnome with a kodo to another; grats!

  3. Hinenuitepo says:

    Grats! That’s dedication, and look! It paid off!

  4. Lacoka says:

    I saw it last night too. I did not have the luck rolling though. Gratz Sam!

  5. repgrind says:

    omg, look how cute you are on top of that huge kodo! congrats!

  6. viktdk says:

    I think I’m bound to buying hops, I haven’t seen this thing ever.

    Ram dropped one time and I lost the roll, but I’d so rather have that kodo anyway. Maybe my hard luck will pay off with an Onyxia mount!

  7. SpearXXI says:

    Congrats! On a side note, could you put up a gearing sub tab next to your lvling specs, etc. That way we don’t have to search for it. lol

  8. samueltempus says:

    Thanks everyone, and Spear, It’s done.

    – Sam

  9. Mac, THE paladin tank. says:


  10. Mac, THE paladin tank. says:


  11. SpearXXI says:

    Hurray! Thank you Sam!

  12. SpearXXI says:

    …and Sam…. you know what would be super cool… Is if you put the enchanting and gemming posts in the Essential Posts tab… You would become mecha awesome!

  13. Gigantor1960 says:

    Gratz Sam,
    We had the Kodo, Ram, and the remote drop all in one day yesterday…of course I lost the roll on the mounts but oh well….such is life.

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