3.2.2 Hits; Lag and Updates

Well, it’s official.  As of yesterday, 3.2.2 is the live version of World of Warcraft.  My server came up on time, but no instances were able to launch.  By the time they decided to reset the server to fix the problem, it was time to head out to my in-laws place for the Mrs. birthday, so no Direbrew before raid.  Then there was the rest of the evening…

We got home in time to raid, and after a one shot of Northrend Beasts (as expected), we waited the 5 minutes for loot to make it to people’s bags.  When Jaraxxas spawned, only half the raid could see him, and the MT was not one of those people.  He ran 30 yards and one shot me, followed by the rest of the raid.  We decided that it was a fluke and tried again.  “None of my heals are going off” –Javaed.  Jav was dead not too far after.  Same thing happened to another healer, and raiding was deemed a no-go.

I put together a Heroic ToC to attempt getting the new dagger, and 45  minutes later everyone managed to actually get into the instance.  They’ve fixed the first encounter, which I’m grateful for.  I’ve seen that fight from every angle possible (Tank, Melee, Ranged, Caster, and Heals), and while it’s no issue half the time, when it bugs, you’re better off running out.  Thankfully, they auto reset after being dismounted now, so no more of that.

We got Eadric, which was fortunate.  I don’t want to know what would have happened with Confessor + Lag.  I lost control of my toon during phase 2 of Black Knight in the middle of some exploding ghouls, and without my DPS, Phase 3 was Phase Phail.  Got him on the second time, and HE DROPPED A DAGGER, which unfortunately was the Spectral Kris.

Anyway, Patch day aside, I’ve got some work to do to bring my guides current, and as soon as I get a dagger, I’m probably going back Assassination, as the buffs to it were quite nice in this patch.  Hopefully the Black knight will be nice to me and drop it today.  I’d love to get some DPS testing done.

8 Responses to 3.2.2 Hits; Lag and Updates

  1. repgrind says:

    “which unfortunately was the Spectral Kris.” …… x.x ….. /cry

    Someday … my mage will have it. Someday … *shakes fist at the Black Knight*

  2. laranthalas/ josh says:

    So i got some testing done and it seems that my assassination spec now keeps up with combat which is awesome cause i really like both specs. Whereas before assassination was beginning to lag behind in my current gear. I have tested on the target dummy and in 25 man TOC

  3. Mac, THE paladin tank. says:

    I like swords.

  4. Chmelyk says:

    As if you didn’t mention the epic battle that was going on between Lord Jaraxxas and Stalk, the whole group was dead but our resident shaman lagged and it appeared he had 3k health and would just not drop. needless to say it took a good 10 min to get out of that instance.

  5. Hinenuitepo says:

    Par for the (golfclap) Wow course. /cry ing aside, it doesn’t take too long for them to sort things out.

    If only we can be patient in this ‘now now now’ immediate gratification world, it’ll be ok.

    I totally understand, though. We did ok in TOC, but Ony’s adds kept spawning on our healers instead of coming down the tunnels which made it interesting lol

  6. eiramamme says:

    I was fortunate to have a set of boots and set of bracers drop in H TOC last night. The Kris also dropped but I passed on the roll for it.

  7. Mog says:

    Our Jaraxxus was much worse. The gnome came out….nothing happened……people still logged in game and in vent asking whats going on. They we saw noone was moving. Individuals could move around and such and target and inspect people; but noone else on the screen would move. Raid was called. Could not log out. Could not “exit game”. Had to ALT+F4 to exit. All the raiders stayed logged in the raid instance for about 10 hours before blizz fixed it, even when logged in on an alt. GM even told a raider that we should know better than to try to raid on patch/maintenance day. Glad to see my monthly subscription is spent well.

  8. We cleared ToC without any eventfull lag… but then we did VoA… I was healing on my priest and had the same issue to where I was spamming heals on the tank… but his health wasn’t budging. Somehow we managed to kill him and distribute loot. Well except for the emblems which no one in the raid could loot.

    We ran into all kinds of issues with emalon and didn’t bother with Archavon.

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