Under 10 MinutesLeft – Final Information

–  Race: Final Info  –

The course for our Not So Gnaked Gnome Race will take you in any way you choose to Loch Modan, and the Thelsamar flight path.  From there you’ll fly to Ironforge and make your way to the Rogue trainer to find me.  This flight will cost you 1 silver and 4 copper.  Once the race starts you can make the money in anyway you’d like, but you can’t vendor your tabard or shirt.  The first player to place these items in a trade window with me in Ironforge will win the event.  The other members of Bucklers of Swash will be monitoring the race to catch anyone who tries to enter Ironforge through the gates.

Once the race is won, an announcement will be made and we’ll give players some time to assemble around the outer circle of Ironforge for the next event.

Good Luck to you,

– Sam

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