You Just Never Know

Every now and then something happens in game that you just don’t see coming.  This can be everything from a member of the opposite faction sneaking up to you to unforseen opportunities of many kinds.  Let me set the stage for you…

It’s Sunday night,  I’ve got about an hour and a half before entering dreamland, and I decide to hop on my warlock and finish leveling in Howling Fjord.  A guildie whispers me and asks if I want in on an Azjol Nerub they’d be going to, and I said sure.

I’m finishing up some quests while the rest of the group forms and I see an Aliance Warrior killing the mob I need.  I decide to help the guy out, and somehow the mob never goes grey to me.  I would have invited him, but I wasn’t lead, and wouldn’t have been able to drop group fast enough to get him invited.  I ask him if he got credit for the kill and he says no.  Feeling like a jerk, I said I’d fly around and try and find the respawn.

I do, and help him kill it, then go on my way after a wave of thanks.  30 seconds later I realize we’re still looking for a DPS for our group and whisper the Warrior.  He says maybe some other time as he doesn’t have much online time left.  I assure him that it will be over in 25 minutes or less, and he decides to go for it.

We get to the instance and get everyone summoned, and I don’t explain a thing.  The Warrior’s DPS isn’t all that great due to a combination of poor gear and some weird hybrid spec, but he’s not doing anything that’s endangering our group.  Besides, between me and the DK, we’re pulling enough DPS to 4 man it anyway.  After finishing the first boss, he whispers me and says “this is crazy.”  I reply, “yeah, but fun though?” and get an affirmative.

We finish the whole instance in less than 20 minutes, and then he drops the bombshell.  This was his first instance.  Ever.  This thought kinda blew me away.  He’d mentioned earlier that this was his first toon and that he’d never been to AN before, but I had no clue that he never instanced.  So I went from being the guy that stole his quest mob (by accident, admittedly) to the guy that took him to his first instance group, which he apparently really enjoyed.

I also felt kinda bad that I had marooned this guy halfway across the continent without flight paths, so I escorted him to Star’s Rest, followed by Valience Keep.  I had him fly back to Dragonblight, and then brought my mage down to port him to Dalaran before sending him on his way to hearth.  I added him to the friends list and hope to see him again soon. 

 Anyway, I guess my point is, you never know who’s on the other side of that toon at the computer, and sometimes you might just get the chance to be that guy (or gal) who lets someone experience something cool for the first time.  So,  if you take some chances every now and then, who knows who you’ll meet or what you’ll end up doing.

– Sam

7 Responses to You Just Never Know

  1. Wraithstrike says:

    It was good to read a story like that, so many blogs and forums are full of “how I WTFPWN’d a noob” stories. I always suspected you were a nice fellow Sam by the way you write, but this proves it.


  2. Hinenuitepo says:

    Very cool, dude.
    I get a kick out of such things, too.

    The greedy goblin would decry your acts of kindness as a waste, but I say, GOOD ON YAH! 😛

  3. Awesome! You just made the game a little bit better for everyone. 🙂

  4. Chmelyk says:

    Yeah Sam does all kinds of nice things like that…like inviting me to his great guild, letting me stay, and making me a half decent Priest.

  5. shibumi says:

    You pulled me from a pure never PVP stance to creating a character on a PVP server. I still don’t much like it, and I have only been ganked never done any of my own player wacking, but without your influence I’d have never thought about it. There’s potential, and I can see it now. I still don’t much like having a lvl 25 character be ganked every 30 seconds by every lvl 80 in the area, and that’s a bit more than frustrating, but I will still give it a shot. Albeit I haven’t had much time to play recently…

    Without your support and insight, I’d be much like that guy – I’ve only done about 4 instances, ever. I’ve been playing since the original beta. I’ve never BG, arena, dueled, nuthin.

    You do have a way, Sam. 🙂


  6. hamacus says:

    Nice story Sam. Pays to show some common decency in game.

  7. SpearXXI says:

    Yeah, unless you just run into a group wanting to do an instance it is tricky to find a group for anything preWrath nowadays, so it makes sense that he had never done an instance before. Though you would think he would have done Deadmines or something at least once. lol

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