Gnomestock ’09 Tabard

The Mrs. was brought in to judge the finalists in the Gnomestock Tabard competition, and had a hard time deciding what to do.  You see there were two really good submissions that stuck out over the others.  One was the best looking tabard design as it was clean, and simple.  The other tabard design was a bit more wild, but definitely captured the spirit of the event.

Gnome1This tabard was designed by Javaed, who writes the blog,

It’s a very well designed tabard from the perspective of the clean lines and choice of color.  It goes well with the blue and green shirts, and manages to pull off red fairly well too.  If the event were only open to Gnome Rogues, it would have been the easy choice for Gnomestock, but without that distinction, it’s hard to associate it with the event.

Gnome2Now, take a look at this tabard designed by Kit, who reads and comments here at S&D often.

This tabard clearly is for Gnomestock.  There’s no denying what event this tabard is associated with. However, the three colors and tabard trim aren’t as visually appealing as the clean lines from the previous tabard.  On a larger character (one that stands more than 3 feet in the air), the border on this tabard looks much better, but unfortunately, it’s all gnomes for this event.

So, the Mrs. and I talked, and after a while came to the conclusion that even though either of these tabards would be a perfectly good Gnomestock tabard, combining the best features of both tabards would produce an even better tabard.

Gnome3 This tabard is what we came up.  It combines the elegant simplicity of Javaed’s tabard, while using the color palette and basic design of Kit’s tabard.

I gotta admit that I feel like we cheated a little on this one, but the end product is both functional and attractive.  Hopefully you agree with us, and I stress that “us” too.  The Mrs. had no small part in the final decision making process, so in the end, it’s not all on me  🙂

Just an asideShortsword, here’s a picture of Shortsword (Sam with a beard?), my bank alt.  I used to keep the bank organized myself, but The Mrs. really seems to enjoy being the Treasurer of Bucklers, so I let her have free reign of the Epic Entitlement Program bank too.

I thought the resemblance was too close to leave unmentioned.  Anyway, Grats to Both Javaed and Kit for both designs.  I’m sure some token of gratitude will be sent their way on the day of Gnomestock.  Hopefully you’ll be there to see.

– Sam

One Response to Gnomestock ’09 Tabard

  1. Kit says:

    “Ravishankar,” level 1 gnome rogue, is rolled and rawrin’! I’m humbled and honored that you (at least half) chose my design. I was going for as much of a tie-dye look as I could get with the border, but I can’t argue with your reasoning. See you in-game on the 19th!

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