Tuesday To-Do’s

It’s Tuesday, and though I may have neglected to mention it before, this is the day that I start my blogging week on.  The week starts off with a to-do list, which I sometimes accomplish and other times fail to complete.  Here’s what I hope to accomplish this week…

  1. I really need to and want to update my blogroll.  If you would liked to be linked from here, and you currently aren’t, send me an email, with your blog’s address, the name you blog with and a brief description of your blog.   I read blogs about almost every class, so it doesn’t have to be Rogue based.  I would, however, like it to be an established and maintained blog.  The world’s longest blogroll isn’t what I’m after, but it would be nice to add a few more blogs to the list.
  2. I’ve got quite a few projects going at the moment, including the setup and planning of Gnomestock.  My previous post has a poll that is helping me determine the actual date of the event.  I’m closing this poll on Thursday, so if you haven’t completed it yet, please backtrack one post and do so.  You can select as many options as you would like.  Once  the poll is closed, I’ll set the date, the time and start talking about the different parts of the event.
  3. I’ve had the skeleton of the how to gem your Rogue post done for about 3 weeks and I have yet to finish it.  I want to get that done in the next few days, and call the gear / enchants /gems stuff done for now.
  4. Several people have either commented or emailed me about setting up some specific UI stuff.  I’m currently working on that post, but it’s still in the fountain pen / legal pad phase. I’d like to transition that to a completed post by Friday.

If I get all of that done, I’ll be pretty happy.  Perhaps a muse will come my way and some spontaneous writing will occur after I (hopefully) finish all of that.  Or perhaps not.  Anyway, we’ll just have to see how this week goes; by next Tuesday I’ll have a new list, and another week to get it done (or not).  Enjoy the week.

– Sam



6 Responses to Tuesday To-Do’s

  1. Wraithstrike says:

    Get to work gnome ;0)

  2. SpearXXI says:

    Hurray for worklists… I usually end up getting some of the things done. Like instead of working on my rogue, I popped over to my old account and found my first ever toon… AXLIAN THE WARRIOR! When I quit WoW back in the day I deleted all his gear in preBC and quit the game for a looong time.

    Well, as luck would have it, I had some gold on an alt on that server, so I was able to buy him his mount, gear, glyph, and haircut! I also found some 6-slotted bags and an unused Tree Frog to be my lucky pet. Now all I needed was a 2h weapon (which was not on the AH) and a guild.

    Testing out my new gear I decided to do some battlegrounds and after successfully getting my ass kicked 1v1 I proceeded to Leeroy to the flag room in Warsong Gulch, after we capped the flag once, and was able to steal their flag! I kept it until the time expired and won my first ever Battleground since long ago…

    Afterwards I ran into these folks in Stormwind just kicking the breeze and we all were levitated for about 20 min by this priest just chatting, until someone just offered me to sign a guild charter. I did so automatically, and went off to search for a 2h weapon from quests!

    Well, I did not find one…. and the server was about to be reset, when I checked the AH one last time, and realized I had not learned 2H weapon skill… -_- So quickly I bought my weapon and rushed to Ironforge before the reset, and had a few seconds to admire my flayer of horde..

    On a side note I checked to see that my server went down, so I couldn’t work on my rogue even if I wanted to… And it was fun to go back and get my first ever toon back to decent quality. It only cost me about 15g to buy new gear for him, so I was happy. The only thing I do not have is a helm and 2 trinkets, but he is only lvl29 (He was 27 when I started).

    I’m sorry if this was off topic, but I can’t wait to read your gemming article, and ask that you make a side category for all three articles, which will make it easier to access like your lvling guides.

  3. Hamacus says:

    Hey Sam,
    Looking forward to the how to gem your Rogue post as I am relatively new to all things Rogue. Right now I feel like I am in limbo as most of the spreadsheets do not include my gear set for 3.2 WotLK. Hence I am not sure if its’s better to use attack power or agility gems. I play Paramessu on Sen’jin btw and any advice is helpful.


  4. SpearXXI says:

    I’m waiting for Sam’s gem post too, but from what I was told by a geared out 80 rogue is that AP gems will give you more dps in combat, but Agi will give you more dps in Mut. I’m not sure what to do since I’m duel specced. lol

  5. Hamacus says:

    Hey Spear,
    Five minutes after I posted I found this which appears to confirm AP for Combat Spec.


    When I plug in my gear there is a slight edge to AP. Would be cool to get a consensus. I also have dual spec so I guess it is pick which is best for what you do most, which is Combat PvE atm.

    When the new BG’s and expansion hit though think it will be PvP Mut…can’t wait!

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