Gnomestock Date Pickin’

Gnomestock is coming; the only problem is, I don’t know when.  Please use this poll to help me find out when the most number of people will be join in the fun.  You can pick as many days as you want, and know that the event will start at some point between 3 PM and 7 PM EDT on those days.  We’ll nail down the actual time later, but for now, getting the date will suffice.


– Sam

 P.S. – My inbox is strikingly empty of tabard submissions.  I really want to spice up the event, so if you have the time this weekend, take 5 minutes to go to a capital city and design the Gnomestock tabard.  Don’t worry, the actual tabard’s on me.


4 Responses to Gnomestock Date Pickin’

  1. Javaed says:

    You might want to add an easy way for people to email ya. Just looking over the site quickly, I didn’t see a contact form or anything.

    Here’s my submission:

  2. Wil says:

    “Contact Samuel” under the picture of Sam, Rt top main page.

  3. Revix says:

    time to get my farming boots on, gonna need some happy fun rocks for this apparently… someone owes me a pet for this or something. dire maul ftw /wrists

  4. Revix says:

    oh and on second thought i’d like to change my vote from the 19th to any of the other ones, the 19th is in game Pirates Day.

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