Slice and Dice has hit its 150th post, and is closing in on the 1 year anniversary of its current incarnation on September 5th next Saturday!


I’m pretty pumped about this myself.  If you’re unaware, this blog started off as a Blogspot blog that I used to get information out to my raid group, and was never truly meant for the rest of the community.  I didn’t stick with it, and it sat on the shelf collecting dust.  Since I decided to recreate the blog with the move to WordPress about a year ago, I’ve averaged close to three posts a week, and refused to become idle.

Today, I’ll look back at year one.  What did I learn, and where am I now?  But before I do, I just want to give a personal thanks to each and everyone who visits this site.  I don’t know that I’d be so into it if you weren’t here to laugh, learn, and teach.  Trust me on that last one too; I’ve definitely learned more from you than you have from me.

Slice and Dice:  Year One

Looking back, I see posts where I took the time to logically think out everything I wanted to say, and I see posts where I stream of consciousness a giant wall o’ text.  Spell check isn’t doing me any favors either; I once was a finalist in a school spelling bee.  I’m fairly certain that I couldn’t achieve that again, and the laziness of spell check is probably the root cause. 

Regardless of my shortcomings as a writer, it is something I enjoy.  Many of you may have missed some of the things I talked about, so to catch you up, here’s five of my favorite posts / series from the year:

  1. Bank Alts & Guild Banks – I don’t know how many people actually read this post, but I really enjoyed working on it.  The Mrs. runs the Alt Bank now; it’s expanded and much neater.
  2. DPS for Dummies – Here’s a post I wish the people I tank for would read.  Just basic common sense here, but we all know common sense isn’t always something people possess, even the smart ones.
  3. The How to: Combat and Assassination Guides – Combat is in need of a edit, which I’m planning on doing tonight, but these two posts generate more traffic and discussion than any others on my site.  I just thought it would be fun to do a write up of basic endgame spec and talk about how to play them, thinking that maybe a few hundred people would get some use out of it over the year.  I had no idea that they would end up being read thousands of times each.
  4. Why Play a Rogue – This is probably my favorite post from the year, and also the first link I ever got on wow.com (which was a complete shock to me).  It was the spark that became my three talent leveling guides, and the point where I think I found my niche. 
  5. Punked– If you want to see someone pull a fast one on me, read this.  I love my guild, and I make no reservations making that point obvious.  It’s stuff like this that makes me feel that way.

 Things that I’ve learned over the year:

  • Paying with a nickel is better than paying with a Nickle.
  • I could post with what I think is great material for a month without a WoW.com link,  then post something on a whim and wake up to a link and a ton of traffic.
  • I don’t mind when people troll my comments, because they get owned like Evos did here.
  • Blogs are great recruiting tools, and though only a handful of people have made their way to Bucklers via this blog, they’re some of the best skilled and nicest people we have.
  • I should get the Mrs. to proofread my material more often.
  • Don’t talk about posts that aren’t already started, or you may not get them done.
  • Unlike Chuck Norris, I can’t count to infinity…twice (A sense of humor is needed for good blogging, and is best when not over used or forced).

I could probably add to that list for a long time, but I need to get back to planning for Gnomestock ’09.  Thanks for all the support in my work here, and hopefully year two will be even better than year one.

– Sam

10 Responses to #150

  1. laranthalas/ josh says:

    grats man keep up the great work. The information here is totally awesome.. Most of the rogues i have asking me questions now i point to here when i can’t answer them and they are finding the answers they need which is helping them out greatly. Awesome job and keep the info coming man there alot of people loving it.

  2. Blake says:

    Congrats on the post count and thanks for the great site, and the information you compiled. I recently leveled my Rogue to 80 and I have to admit your blog/site has helped me immensely in gearing myself and tweaking my play style. I’m still learning, having only been 80 for a week, but Slorin (my rogue) is quickly becoming my favorite character.

    Thanks again, and looking forward to the next 150 posts!

    Right now I’m unarmed/dagger specced in combat but am debating switching out to swords/axes (if I can collect a nice pair of them that is).

  3. Hinenuitepo says:


    And grats on being someone who actually BLOGs in their blog.
    Like, more than once a fortnight. 🙂

  4. SpearXXI says:

    Congrats. It is awesome that you kept going. lol

  5. Wraithstrike says:

    Grats Sam, nice work. You have a nice friendly resource for the rogue community and it is good to see someone from Mug’thol do something not so self absorbed. I enjoy reading this site each day…again, congratulations!


  6. Wil says:

    This is the only rogue based blog on the net. that is kept current and has information for all rogues regardless of your level of play.
    It also is a friendly place to interact with mature gamers and ask questions without fear of getting flamed by some jerk.
    Thanks for the time you put into it, and the quality of information you put bring forth.

  7. Revix says:

    good old evos, i liked that post

  8. shibumi says:

    woot, nicely done.
    The quality and value of your information and the conversations here continue to increase.


  9. chaim bitton says:

    Speaking of spell check, there is a good program Spell Check Anywhere (SpellCheckAnywhere.Net) it adds spell check to all programs.

  10. Hamacus says:

    Gratz on 150. Here’s to the next!

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