Tabard Contest For…


Gnomestock ’09; Coming this September…

That’s right, Gnomestock ’09, is coming to Mug’thol this September.  We’re in the planning stage right now, but it looks like it’s going to be a great time for all who come.  My guild seems pretty pumped to run this with me, but you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the details.  What I’m willing to leak at the moment is that there are 4 separate events in the works already, and likely more to come.  I’ll be putting up a poll either tomorrow or Friday to pick the final date and time.  Anyway, on the the business at hand, the Gnomestock Tabard Contest…

– Gnomestock Tabard Contest –

Gnomestock is going to have a tabard, and that tabard’s design is going to come from you.  There’s only one real caveat to the design of the tabbard.  It has to work with the following three shirts which, after 10 or so Deadmines runs, I’ll be crafting on my mage to hand out to people at the event.  It’s the closest to tie-dye I could think of without breaking the bank.


It is likely that some of the people that want to participate in this contest may have never been to the Guild Master NPC who allows you to design a tabard.  Talking to a guard in the city will point you in their direction.  Here’s a screenshot of the menu that pops up when you talk to the NPC:


Once you have the tabard adjusted the way you like it, take a screenshot, and mail it to  I’ll narrow the options down to my 3 favorites, and have the Mrs. pick her favorite.

The Official Gnomestock Tabard Contest Rules:

  1. The tabard should look good with all 3 shirt colors (Red, Green and Blue).
  2. Tabard designs are due no later than Monday, September 7th.
  3. Along with your Screenshot, please include your toon’s name, race, class and server so I can give you the appropriate credit should your design be picked.

Should you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments, and I’ll get back to you asap.  I’ll have to post some of the other screenshots from last night, when some of the guildies rolled the level 1 gnomes in the Gnomestock picture at the top of the page.  Let’s just say we had a good time “planning.”

– Sam

6 Responses to Tabard Contest For…

  1. shibumi says:

    Depending on the time, of course, I’m in.
    heh, I was, um, in Asia for Woodstock, perhaps this is a way to get that thrill I missed …

    or get ganked.

  2. Boebob says:

    We need people to dress up as the Village People for Gnomestock ….
    We need someone with an Arcanite Reaver to be Jimi doing the Star-spangled banner…
    And other Azerothian type bands … like “The Whom” , “The Grateful Undead”, and “Led Goblin Zepplin”

    You think Malinda would be a good Joan Baez?

    I’m sensing potential…

  3. samueltempus says:


    Lol. Does your wife know you’re this crazy?

  4. Boebob says:

    Sometimes I think she is only familiar with the tip of the iceberg. I guess I’m overenthusiastic about being back… missed ya man!!

  5. Mac, THE paladin tank. says:

    Well, I have the arcanite reaver/ripper, the damn guitar.
    And some people in the guild still have the leper gnome costume…

  6. Lyndiana says:

    @ Sam RE Boe: You have no idea.

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