Weekend Update


Blizzcon was fun, even if I was indirectly hearing about Cataclysm from a guildie through vent, rather than watching it myself.  There were loads of interesting topics from the rebalancing of stats and newfangled and fun things coming in the future for WoW.  In particular the guild leveling system interests me as a guild leader.

I’m really excited about Deathwing being the main antagonist for the next expansion, as I’ve read most of the books.  Anywho, for someone who didn’t play in classic, I’m really stoked about the revised old content, and the new content on top of that.  Guess I should get my Loremaster and Classic Raider / Dungeonmaster stuff out of the way.

Project: Gnome

Nope, that’s not the name of the event.  From that you should be able to determine that it will be a Gnome based event, but not much else.     The actual time and date of the event will be voted on in a later post, but here’s some teaser information while I pick between the 3 potential event titles:

  •  Level 1 Gnome event
  • Possibly Rogue only
  • Multiple events
  • Event Guild / Tabbard Design Contest

There ya go.  I’d love for this event to last a few hours and be memorable for all involved.  Expect more updates on this during the week.

My Laptop

More work would have been accomplished this weekend on Project: Gnome, but unfortunately, my MacBook Pro’s NVIDIA graphics card died.  This is the first time that I’ve had a Mac break and I didn’t cause it through some physical means.  I’ve been an Apple user for almost 25 years too (my Dad worked for Apple for more than a decade).  My first Mac was a Mac Plus to give you an idea of just how long 25 years is (especially since I’m not even 30 yet).  I did have a hard drive die once, but that can happen to anyone on any machine.

Back to the graphics card.  NVIDIA shipped bad cards, and it’s part of a recall, so it’s getting fixed for free.  Anyway, I game on my Mac Pro tower, which is part of my music recording setup, so I can live without my laptop for half a week.  The Mrs, on the other hand, uses it as her WoW machine.  As you can imagine, this is a problem.

We took quick trip to the Apple store to send my computer off and ensure the end of the laptop issue.  With her birthday coming up in less than a month, a brand new MacBook Pro 15″ was the solution.  WoW is already up and running on it, and the world has returned to normal.  Oh, and for the Mrs, we don’t skimp.  We got the top end 15″ MBP, so other than the screen size, it’s better than my laptop in every way.  Good thing I’ve still got the desktop.

– Sam

6 Responses to Weekend Update

  1. Mog says:

    The old adage rings truer and truer. “A happy wife is a happy life.” Ah the things we do for the women we love.

  2. shibumi says:

    Gnome atter What.

    So. you game on the MBP pushed out to a cinema display? I have the 24″ cinema dispay (several years old) that is most wonderful for playing WoW. I, however, use an AMD based windows box for that, and have my 17″ mbp (also a few years old – only upgradeable to 4gb ram) on the side, though both are loaded with WoW.

    The windows system is quickly fading away. It was low end anyway, used when my main machine did a major meltdown. I’m thinking this one is heading that way as well. Might have to migrate to the MBP soon.

    I bought 13″ laptops for my ex and step daughter. they love them. neither was exposed to mac before I gave them ones. They are very stoked. I get to be long distance tech support (easy enough really).

    /me jealous about the tower. that’s my next project. buy a tower. ::sigh::

  3. Javaed says:

    So Sam, how are we going to submit Tabard Designs?

  4. samueltempus says:

    Email, of course.

    I’ll be talking about it soon. After I pick the event name.

    – Sam

  5. SpearXXI says:

    Gnomageddon 2009

  6. samueltempus says:

    That’s actually not half bad, and close to a few of the names I was considering.

    – Sam

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