Yeah, Soon™.  That’s when the Rogue Q & A is supposed to come out.  I’m very curious as to which questions will be answered and how.  If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted anything, there’s your answer.  I really want to delve into whatever they write and write my own (highly subjective, I know) opinion.  So if you can get the blues to write the A part of the Q & A, Slice will be back to normal.


Update – 7/1/09:  Blue post states that we’ll get our Q & A next week:

We’ve just about wrapped up our Class Q&A Series where we answered some of the most common questions asked by the community. We’ve received a great amount of feedback thus far about the Q&As we’ve posted. If you have yet to take a look, you can find answers to a great many questions about death knights, druids, hunters, mages, paladins, shamans, warlocks and warriors. Stay tuned for the priest and rogue Q&As coming next week and, don’t be afraid to head over to our Class and Class Role forums to discuss all of the class information we’ve been sharing: 


– Sam

One Response to Soon™

  1. Javaed says:

    My predictions: The Q&A won’t actually have much that’s meaningful. You’ll see a few long term goals, but overall the answers will probably just say that ya’ll are in a good place right now.

    Now, the flood of complaints on the DPS forums after the post goes live is going to be fun to watch. Hopefully somebody will put together a decent “Response to the Q&A” thread, since GC seems to have developed a habit of picking one to reply to a day or two after the Q&A comes out.

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