What is a Revix?

I can’t answer that question, but if you go to whatisarevix.wordpress.com, you’ll probably get your answer.  Also, if I do anything absolutely fail, I’m sure you’re more likely to hear about it there than here.  Plus, the author of this site is a hit stuff druid with sick dps.  If that’s your bag, there’s another reason to check it out.

– Sam

4 Responses to What is a Revix?

  1. Revix says:

    I’m commenting on this while in ulduar, waiting for Iron Council to be pulled. Just wanted to comment on the ‘sick dps’ I pull. Not to brag or anything, but 6.4k dps on XT in 10man. I was excited.

  2. Lyndiana says:

    Fix link please =)

  3. Banibaq says:

    No clue what happened after that, cuz ever since then you trailed me every fight 😛

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