The Mrs and I had a lovely time celebrating our Anniversary, but Friday came, and it was time to come home.  I hadn’t played WoW in almost a week, and was home for vacation less than 3 hours when shenanigans ensued:

We received an interesting Application for Bucklers titled “Hunter to end all hunters.”   You can read the whole thing here, but here are some highlights:

When asked why this person wanted to join, he replied:

– “A long time ago I did an instance with Moghann, and he inspired me to roll a hunter. I checked armory and he was in this guild. I found the website from trade chat. I’d really like to do another instance with him to see if I can out-dps him now!”

For those of you who are unaware, Moghann is my hunter, and I haven’t really played him that much since 3.0.8 hit and BM took the massive nerf.  I’m a very pet centered hunter, so that’s the spec I like to play.  Maybe I’ll look into some more playing time for him in the near future.

Moving on, like an employer, we ask about previous guilds, and this gem came up:  

– “The GM was a real jerk, and was mean to me when I used the guild’s money to buy epic flying. Which is ridiculous, because I was in that guild like the whole time I was leveling.”

Wow, he ninja’d guild funds to buy a flyer.  This app sounds like a winner.

I’d love to see this app for a hardcore raiding guild, because when asked how he feels about our raiding requirements (which are very lax), they responded with:

– “IMO guilds shouldn’t make such strict raiding requirements – like having their raiders bring consumable, they should just be provided. So I’ll do it, but I’m not gonna like it.
I like the serious raid attitude, but I get annoyed with too much joking around. And don’t worry, I won’t ask for anything, because aside from raiding I’ve already got what I need.”

Again, what a winner. So I log into game and hop on vent, where our story continues….

Upon logging into vent, where two officers and a highly respected veteran tell me that I absolutely must log onto my Paladin and tank heroic Violet Hold.  So I do, and ask if this is about the Hunter that applied.  There’s a chorus of people saying yes and laughing / trash talking about this guy.

I join in on the trash talk, and bet that I can edge out the poor hunter in DPS as a tank.  We’re all ready to go, when we notice that the hunter isn’t in the instance. Checking my chatbox, I discover that this guy doesn’t even have the Violet Hold key, and is demanding that someone let him in.

Upon entering, I do a brief inspection of his gear, which isn’t bad, but more on this later.  The entire time we’re doing the instance, he keeps misdirecting to the feral (cat) druid.  I don’t say anything, and laugh, because hey, he’s not pulling enough DPS to keep my shield from holding the mobs anyway.

About halfway through, he starts rambling about Ally McBeal and political propaganda.  This blog isn’t about politics and never will be, but let’s just say that he and I are certainly on different sides of the spectrum.  We’re basically laughing our butts off the whole time in vent, so who cares?

Our priest healer, and an officer is bored, and is occasionally using smite, etc. to do some damage in between yawning, and the guy starts complaining, so I respond with:  “Are you dead?  If not, then STFU.”  There were no further complaints.

Anyway, we finish the instance, and I do indeed beat him on DPS.  Then they guy starts to ask where his ginvite is.  After careful thought (and wife interjection) I write something to the tune of “I don’t think that you’re quite the calibre of player that we’re looking for.”

Then the truth comes out:

“But I’m an alt of one of your officers; B O E Bob”




So, apparently the hunter is the alt of Boebob, one of my recruiting officers, and the husband of the healer (the other recruiting officer).  They both have been rolling on the floor for about half an hour.  Oh yeah, the Druid vet (that Revix guy who comments here) was in on it the whole time.

I hadn’t been paying attention during the run, and of the many things that should have clued me in, the ranged weapon really should have given it away.  Basically, if I had taken the time to really inspect the gear on the hunter, I’d have noticed that his Nessingwary 4000 was made by me.  I’ve only made 3.  I’ve still got one on my hunter, I made one for someone for a guildie, and my third was requested and made for Boebob.  

So grats to the people who were in on it.  I certainly didn’t see it coming, and it was quite funny.  They apparently had been planning this for a long time and the plan worked to perfection.  Just another fine example of what makes Bucklers of Swash so great.

– Sam

12 Responses to Punked!

  1. Banibaq says:

    That-Is-Hilarious! I saw the application myself and laughed hard at the ninja action for the mount.
    I remember running Naxx with him on Friday. Now after reading this it becomes clear why Boebob wasn’t on, but his wife was…


  2. Lyndiana says:

    Muahahahaha! I’m proud of our stunt! Boe and I almost died laughing. And btw, another thing on the gear: aside from the guy being able to “afford” BoE epics from Ulduar (cough cough) when he’d used “guild” funds for his mount, several of the crafted epics said “Made by Baz”…. I’d have to admit that I paid a lot for that stunt, and it was worth every copper! Epic shenanigans, IMO.
    P.S. You forgot to mention that the “hunter” was listening to the entire vent convo about him. Made it so easy! I’m stilll chuckling!

  3. Aeltyra says:

    Haha that’s rich !

    I’ve done this on a smaller scale :p

    “HAI CAN I JOIN UR GUID,,?” type of whispers before revealing it’s me :p

  4. Boebob says:

    In my Defense…

    The statement “… and he (Moghann) inspired me to roll a hunter.” is not entirely untrue. While it was not your DPS or skillz that inspired me to be a hunter, it was comments and observations that you made about the hunter class that sparked my interest in the class and its mechanics.

    Originally this was my “I’m gunna play this when I don’t wanna be bothered” alt. Then I enjoyed it more and more and decided that I wanted this to be a raiding toon; but not before I had my fun with her 😛

    This brings to mind a statement that I made before, that I’d rather be with my friends then join a guild for the gear. I wouldn’t have traded that 45 mins in Bucklers for the Warglaves of Azzinoth. Gear will fade, and toons will get deleted, but the three times that I almost passed out laughing will be an enduring memory. Just like the time in Kara that we, or that time in Eye of Eternity that we, and we…. (I hope you see my point).

    For any young gamers out there still forming their gaming habits; choose friends and stick with em. The laughs that you have will far outlive any personal greatness that your character could ever aspire to.

  5. Revix says:

    for the record, i requested the MD’s. and that was prolly one of the best things i’ve ever taken part in.

  6. Cat says:

    You guys, that was brilliant. Congrats all. I lol’d IRL.

    @ Boebob: couldn’t agree more (though I still want my damn warglaives).

  7. Lightningrod says:

    It was funny. One thing Sam forgot to mention was that the mystery hunter was making socialist remarks so me and revix start to call him a red commie. He then replies with “cause bush was such a great president. I think I’ll stick with that Kool-aid”. I instantly thought ” ask if he’s black” cause at this point, politeness and PC had no place in this 5-man

  8. Lyndiana says:

    I totally beg to differ about politeness, Lightning. Boe was extremely impressed that in spite of his efforts to annoy you two and be a total jerk, you were both very nice about it. Of course he could hear you in vent and we couldn’t stop laughing, but to his face no one said anything rude or offensive back. Apparently thanks to the Mrs, even his turn-down for an invite was polite. If he’d actually been a jerk, that might have missed his radar, but since he’s not (I know I’m biased) that meant a lot to him. We were both proud of the decency showed by members of Bucklers towards even the most (intentionally) rotten player.

  9. Revix says:

    seriously though, gkick imo

  10. Buthaleirus says:

    Awesome story and great gag.

  11. SpearXXI says:

    =D nice!

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