Stream of Consciousness

I’m done with post planning, and I’ve had a plethora of time to play.  What that boils down to is that I am having so much fun playing the game and doing other non WoW things, that I’ve not been here in a while.  Well today, I’ll cover what I’ve been up to, some reader mail, and see if we can’t get this whole posting thing back up and running…


Tarmusk, our main tank, is away for most of the summer as a camp counselor. Before he left, I bet him a batch of homemade brownies (yes, believe it or not, I know my way around the kitchen) that I could have six 80’s by the time he came back.  I’ve got a Mage at 71, a Lock at 70 and a DK at 63.  I might just pull it off.  

Speaking of the DK, he and my wife’s Paladin are rumbling through Outland at quite a clip.  It turns out that Blood DK / Ret Paladin is a very OP leveling combo.  We took on Overlord at 60, and were basically at full health the whole time.  Very leet.  Almost as leet as running Ramps at level 61 with 3 people, none of whom were healers.  Im fairly proud of my wife’s tanking prowess; Dual spec prot FTW.

One thing that really annoys me about Hellfire Peninsula, is the 80’s ganking the 58-63 denizens located there.  It’s not a skill thing to kill people 20+ levels below you, and I devised a solution:

Samuel Introducing Samueltempus, the annoying nothing better to do with their time Horde Exterminator. Before we spill the bad blood, if I had an 80 Horde Rogue, I’d do the same to the Alliance @holes; they’re just as bad.  

Anyway, I’ve started parking Sam in the Honor Hold inn, and ruthlessly destroying the low-talent clowns that can’t kill people their own level. Yesterday I took out a Rogue / Shaman Combo before they new what hit them.   Word to the wise, if you’ve only got 17k health and no PvP trinket, someone is going to log their main and kill you.  A lot.

I’ve never been much of a PvPer.  I did battlegrounds in BC for gear, and dabbled in Arena a bit.  I have resolved to learn more about it, and I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Wrath participating in PvP, be it Bgs, Wintergrasp, or Arena.  I’m at 20.6k health with about 750 resilience, and I’m currently rocking a Mutilate Prep spec.  While I certainly haven’t perfected its use, I’m a fairly efficient Assassin.

Another PvP point I’d like to mention was emailed to me from a reader.  This spec was sentto me along with a description of the reasoning behind it.  The main idea behind the spec was the use of weapon swap macros to go between a Dagger and Sword to facilitate the use of both Ambush and Hemo in the same build.  I told him to let me know how it works out for him, and that I’d paste it here for the community to review.  If you have and (constructive) comments, I’m sure he’d appreciate it.

That’s about it for now, and I kept the body of the post under 500 words for a change, so your combat log shouldn’t read:  Wall O’ Text Crits you for 17,836 (45,731 Overkill).

– Sam

P.S. – My brother started playing again.  This is for him:  


4 Responses to Stream of Consciousness

  1. Lightningrod says:

    Yea eric

  2. Aeltyra says:

    Damn right !

    Sadly if I try that on my server, I usually find the gankers have unflagged by the time I get there and are spam emoting my main.
    But I can log to their faction and give them a piece of my namecalling vocabulary if I really want to.

    To the sent-in build I would say that I guess it’s viable, but I wouldn’t really recommend it. Deep Sub (past prep) was awesome in TBC because of the mobility from shadowstep and the fact that a well-geared rogue could ‘tank’ other melee classes (sort of anyway).

    With the nerfs for shadowstep and cheat death I’m not sure if Hemo is that great of a CP generator anymore compared to Mutilate.

    It might be a nice build for destroying undergeared clothies …

  3. kaneko says:

    i’d like to see the weapon swap macro! me and macros aren’t on good communicating terms. lol

  4. axSoul says:

    It’s a really gear-dependent build, I must admit.

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