Building Bucklers: Web Exposure



–  Web Exposure  –

A website says something about your guild.  It says that you’re serious/mature enough to make information available about your guild on the Internet.  While it is technically possible to host a majority of the information necessary for a medium sized guild in game, it is not possible to host it all.

A website for a guild, at bare minimum, should have information about the guild and its policies, from raiding and recruiting to looting, etc.  There isn’t a place in game to host all of this information for everyone to see it.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, flashy or feature filled to be effective.  The only thing it “needs” is to convey basic information about your guild. 

The Bucklers of Swash website was built with a free forum available through Forumotion.  It’s taken over a year of tweaking to get to its current incarnation, and I’ll keep tweaking it, as long as its in use.  Our site currently has a Portal with general information, and Forums with various restrictions on who can read them.  It’s functional, aesthetically attractive (imho), and fairly easy to navigate.

To create a good site takes time, and effort, but in the end it will be worth that effort.  Being able to have all of the information needed in one easily accessed location is crucial to success.  I’ve always believed that an active website is a sign of a healthy guild.  It’s certainly the case with Bucklers.

– Sam


3 Responses to Building Bucklers: Web Exposure

  1. Revix says:

    we need moar pirate pictures imo. we’ll have to get on that when druid comes back from hawaii or whatever it’s doing.

  2. samueltempus says:

    Agreed. We’ll need more Savory Deviate Delights though. I guess I could let the secret slip that in the Bucklers logo, the two pirates are Revix and Sam… That was a fun day.

  3. Revix says:

    it was a fun day, dodging pirate kills was fun, needed my reps with them to stay high.

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