No Internets for the Tempus

We had some significant thunderstorms roll through the Atlanta area on Wednesday that knocked out my home cable Internet.  It’s still down as of Friday morning.  It’s supposedly an “area wide” issue, and they’re in the process of fixing all parts of the area.  It wouldn’t be so bad if I at least had TV, but hey, my Wii and PS3 are seeing usage for a change.

At any rate, getting any real work done in game requires that I use my laptop and drive to a hotspot to use it.  To be honest though, the G13 isn’t setup for use on the machine, and spending an hour retooling my UI doesn’t sound like fun.  Besides, the Mrs. basically claims my laptop as her own, and though she says it wouldn’t bother her for me to use it, I’m sure she would still rather use it herself.

Regardless, the good work I was planning on doing for my UI and Combat vs. Assassination part two is still just that, planning.  With any luck it will be up and running when I get home.  I’d be really upset if I didn’t get to tank that Naxx 25 semi-pug that my guild is hosting.  That is unless, of course, I take Sam and destroy the DPS.

– Sam

2 Responses to No Internets for the Tempus

  1. repgrind says:

    I would be going crazy. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping it’s up when you get home.

  2. samueltempus says:


    Friday afternoon, I got on the phone with my provider, who after disconnecting me on my first attempt, answered the phone to tell me that my cable should not be out. The also informed me that Monday would be the earliest they could get to me. After being thanked for my call, I polietly responded and hung up the phone. The shouted obscenities that followed in a brief moment of rage would have made a sailor blush.

    Anyway, I decided instead of sitting around, I’d go outside and check all of the connection points and the wire leading to my house to look for possible clues as to interruption. Long story short, I diagnosed and fixed the problem myself within 3 minutes, now I have internet.

    Related story:

    I thought that I wasn’t going to be able to get my “patron” title, but fortunately my Orphan Whistle was still in my bags, so one fast UP later, that was done.

    Bah, that’s enough of my rambling,

    – Sam

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