Ulduar; Progression and Impressions


Anabelle (Paladin, Me) and Malinda (Priest, The Mrs.) standing in front of a dead Kologarn in Ulduar.

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Ulduar is, to date, my favorite raid instance.  In my opinion, Blizzard really hit a home run with the design of this place.  The instance is huge, and the detail work is absolutely gorgeous.  Epic, whilst an extremely overused word in this game, is truly the only way to describe this instance. 

In addition to the beauty of it’s design, the difficulty of the bosses is challenging, but not overly difficult.  Once an encounter is learned, appropriately geared groups that are alert, use good communication, and play their role well will have little difficulty with the bosses I’ve seen so far.  That being said, unless your group overgears the content, loosing even one person is enough to cause a wipe.

If you haven’t started Uduar yet, but are getting ready, here’s some ideas that might help you with the preparations:

  1. If it’s not you, find out who your guild Alchemists are, and ask them to make you flasks (with your mats of course).  If you can help them with their crafting needs, return the favor.
  2. Use encounters and events to work on positioning, and movement:  Loken, Heigan, Tribunal of Ages, and Kel’thuzzad to name a few.  If the group you’re taking to Ulduar can’t clear all of these, without people taking unnecessary damage, your chances in Ulduar beyond Flame Leviathan are slim at best.
  3. Get your gear gemmed and enchanted as best as you can afford.  Realistically though, getting the best enchants isn’t that far out of reach.  Just doing Argent Tounament dailies for a week should net you in excess of 1,000g.  Also, budding up with an Enchanter or Jewelcrafter in your guild, by sending them greens or gems goes a long way toward lessening your expense on gear upgrades.

It’s not going to be easy at first, but I think you’ll find that when you down bosses in Ulduar, you will feel a sense of accomplishment.  That’s something that Naxx was sorely lacking.  Just remember that it’s supposed to be fun, so don’t let wipes get you down.  Regroup, figure out what happened and adapt to prevent wiping for the same reason twice.

On a more personal note, my guild, Bucklers of Swash, is currently 5/14 for Ulduar progression, and we almost had our sixth progression kill last night.  We feel this is a good speed to be downing things at.  We won’t run out of content in the near future, nor are we standing still.  We’re certainly not going to be pulling off first kills on our server, nor are we aiming to, but we’re progressing at a pace that is keeping us happy and ahead of most of the pack.  Most importantly, we’re having fun.

– Sam

5 Responses to Ulduar; Progression and Impressions

  1. Sel Istar says:

    I know this is a blog about Ulduar, and this really doesn’t belong here, but I wanted to put this post somewhere, where I knew you’d look.

    I’m a little flustered, as there is SO much information on rogues, but somehow, it feels like there isn’t enough.

    My guild is a casual guild, that I lead, that is broken into 3 packs. One for PvP, one for Raiding, and one for Casual players. The idea? If you want to do it, we got it.

    Any rate, my PvP commander has decided he wants to do some level 19 twink PvP, and a couple of us decided that it’d be a great idea.

    I am always interested in the best interest of the guild, and so I rerolled my rogue who was Assassin, (but I hadn’t played in a while due to leveling my Paladin).

    Here’s my trouble. I know it’s a fault but I’m an uber organized person when it comes to anything, and I have a hard time getting out ruts. In the interest of having a viable rogue that I can raid AND pvp, I am going to get the duel spec.

    So, with me being in the ruts that I usually get into, I would like two different builds, that although ultimately may run very different from each other, are relatively similar in play style. I know you said previously that Sub can be used for raiding, but is a PvP love affair.

    So the question, is there any particular builds that I can use which would swing either direction, (PvE or PvP), yet use the same fundamental abilities equally effectively?

    I am a mouse clicker, and a I have a gamer pad, for movement, and calling up certain key effects and abilities. I use Opie for combat, as well as for healing, and for mounts. With Paladin, I have found using Opie like this, I go through abilities lightning fast, and do decent.

    At anyrate, I’ve gotten used to using Opie for attacking, and would like to be able to use the same custom action ring, in both PvP and PvE if it’s possible. If not, I’m down for a “No, not possible.”

  2. Sel Istar says:

    Sorry for the wall of text…

  3. Akhellar says:

    I agree with you, while Naxx and even EoE gave us the feeling of “oh, hey, boss is down, cool, next”, Ulduar bosses is more like “YAY we did it!”, and it is something I had been waiting for.

    Anyway gratz on your progression.

    – Ak

  4. Lyndiana says:

    I agree, Ulduar really feels like progression and accomplishment. You really feel the sense of “We DID it!” after each encounter is learned and downed. And maybe it’s just our guild, but every week after the boss dies, even if we one-shot it, you still get the “Awesome, it’s dead!” feeling.

    As a fellow Buckler, I have to say that you really didn’t do justice to our clearing of the content. Considering that we never raided anything decently hard (granted, that was a raid size issue), and that we’ve had to overcome gear, skill, interpersonal, and scheduling challenges, this is a huge step forward in not only boss kill progression but in progressing as a guild. Hurray for good leadership, good hard work, and good guildies!

  5. samueltempus says:

    “As a fellow Buckler, I have to say that you really didn’t do justice to our clearing of the content.”

    I’m trying to not brag too hard on us. That generally ends up getting you put in your place. However, I will say that I’m extremely proud of our team.

    We’ve gone from the lethargy and ease of raiding Naxx to good raiding shape in a short month. Our healers have been consistant, but we’ve juggled 4 tanks, and 7 DPS (I think), and juggled them well. Could we still tune up our performance a little more? Probably, but I’m certainly not complaining, and I’ll take 21k DPS on XT without heroism any day. He might be too scared to come out and “stretch” next week.

    Semi-Related note: On our server, Naxx 25 is fairly dead, but there are still people who need it. Bucklers recently ran a semi pug 25 Naxx where we provided all the tanks, half of the heals, and some of the DPS. It took forever, due to people leaving or not following directions, but we got it done, and the people who stuck with it for the majority of the raid really enjoyed running with us. We’re doing it again tomorrow, and I have to say, I’m looking forward to it. It’s fun, good for recruiting, and helps some of the people on our server that need it, but can’t get a large enough group organized on their own.

    – Sam

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