Nope, I’m Still Here

Wow, more than a week between posts.  I suppose I should tell you that I’ve been sick.  In fact, my voice has yet to fully recover, and as a music teacher, that kinda sucks.  Anyway, between my job and my health, I’ve been a tad pre-occupied.

I have been working on achievements and the like in game, and since my last post, Sam’s got 4 new titles:  Jenkins (finally), the Noble, of Gnomeregan, and of Stormwind.  Ulduar is progressing nicely, and overall things on my end are pretty good.

I’m also the proud owner of a brand new Logitech G13, and I’ve gone from a good keyboard turning clicker, to an even better mouse turning keybinder in a week.  The initial transition was weird, as the fingers I have been using for years to move were now being used to activate abilities.  It took the longest to adjust on Sam and Anabelle, as they are my oldest toons, but for Cristobel, my Frost mage, the change was almost instant, and it felt good.  For those of you who are keyboard turners / clickers, you’ll improve your game if switch to mice / keybind, and though it may feel weird at first, you’ll probably wonder why you didn’t switch sooner.

I think that’s enough random babble for now.  On the horizon: a combat spec a friend of mine is using with great success, a revisit of the Combat vs. Assassination damage output, and the Leveling UI post for UI and you.  See you soon.


One Response to Nope, I’m Still Here

  1. Buthaleirus says:

    Been a reader for sometime, so I had to drop you a line and let you know your blog is chalked for of interesting, informative and fun stuff. It helps I agree with 99% of what you write on. Like your opinions on Ulduar-absolute great content.

    Keep up the good work.

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