Guide Updates for 3.1

All of my guides are now up to date.  The How to Spec and Play Combat guide took the longest, and the Subltety leveling guide needed no changes, so it was already done.  I hope that everyone that’s been using them will find the updates useful.

I’ve been known to make mistakes often enough, so If you spot something amiss, please let me know.  I’m sure there’s a few typos to be found.

– Sam

2 Responses to Guide Updates for 3.1

  1. Nave says:

    Great work, Sam!

    Is there an easy way to see what changes you made? I’m near the end of the Assassination leveling guide and looking for an easy way to see what I should go back and change from pre 3.1.

    Also, I know you don’t do much HaT, but with dual specs I decided to pick it up as my sub spec, purely for dungeon fun. Are there sites you go to when you have questions? I’m looking for the Slice and Dice for HaT rogues…

    PS – I know you have a scribe too. To follow up on an earlier comment, Glyph of Mutilate has been selling well (45g), but my best post-3.1 glyph is Raise Dead (100g). I guess a lot of DKs are picking up new specs…

  2. samueltempus says:

    I don’t think anything changed talent wise for the Assassination Leveling spec, just pointers on what to do, and reflecting the tooltip/talent changes.

    As far as the Slice and Dice HaT blog, I really don’t know. But, upcoming post: The three best rogues in my guild (yes, including me) are about to do some DPS testing in a 3 person group with each of us a different spec, solely so that we can post the results here on synergy between Rogue specs. The HaT rogue will be using the standard spec, so I’m bound to try it and write about it here 🙂

    Thanks for the glpyh info, I’ll have to crank a few of those out to sell them if I can.

    – Sam

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