Spec Changes, 3.1, and /facepalm

When the servers finally went live last night, I had about an hour to play around with some things.  I did go out to Icecrown and check out the whole Argent Tournament thing, and I spent the rest of the time testing my DPS.  I made minor changes to both my Assassination and Combat Specs, and spent the 1,000g for Dual Spec.  If you don’t plan on PvP and PvE roles for your Rogue, it’s a waste of money, but if you do, welcome to paradise.

Here are the two specs I tried last night:

–  Assassination  –

51 / 13  / 7

The only real change I made here was to drop Turn the Tables for Master Poisoner.  We’re usually without a Ret Paladin, so the raidwide 3% crit buff to poisoned targets isn’t over written, and the increased application of deadly poison is also attractive.  I thought about keeping TtT, and dropping Close Quarters Combat in the Combat tree, but in the end the extra 3% crit on my combo moves would have cost me some energy in the long run from my melee critical strikes (Focused Attacks).  All things considered, I didn’t notice a ton of difference with the play, and my DPS was fairly consistent with pre-patch levels

–  Combat  –

7 / 51 / 13

Unfortunately I’m still stuck with a Fist/Sword combo for my weaponry, but I did slim down my spec and only take one specialization.  I have Hailstorm, which is 1.31 speed with my haste, and Greed on my mainhand, so I went for the extr 5% crit from CQC.  I used the 4 points I gained from dropping Sword Spec to grab Lightning Reflexes and 1 point in Endurance.  My DPS was lousy as combat (more on this in a minute), but I was testing at the same time as two other rogues who were pulling more DPS combat than they were Assassination.  I’m going to be doing actual DPS tests either tonight or tomorrow.

And now for the  /facepalm….

So, as I mentioned earlier, I was testing combat with two other rogues in my guild.  One is similarly geared, and the other has better gear than I do.  On average, I was pulling about 2k DPS as an Assassination Rogue, and the similarly geared rogue was pulling roughly the same damage Combat.  The better geared rogue was pulling averaging about 2.7k DPS as a Combat Rogue, and claimed to only be pulling 2.2k DPS as Assassination. 

I switched up my weaponry, which I’ll admit is unenchanted (I’ll get this fixed later today) and switched to my Combat Spec.  I’m a little rusty with it, and initially was pulling 1.2-1.5k DPS, and got that up to 1.7k, but couldn’t understand where the other 300 DPS I seemed to be missing was.  The other Rogues couldn’t figure it out either.  With my gear set up the way it is, I was way over the expertise cap, and lost about 70 hit rating on the switch, but it still didn’t cover the loss of DPS.

Then this morning, when I got on for a little bit before work, the light bulb finally went off.  Both of the other Rogues had been Combat all the way to 80.  I switched to Assassination at 77.   Which means….


Are you seeing where I’m going here?

Wait for it…


I had the Sword/Fist skill of a level 76 Rogue, attacking a level 83 target.


So…  when I get home, I’m going to get my skills to 400, get my weapons enchanted, and hopefully have some real numbers for you.

– Sam



8 Responses to Spec Changes, 3.1, and /facepalm

  1. pitrelli says:

    lol you nugget, to be fair however I always make that mistake when i pick up a new weapon. More so on my paladin as I switch between two handed swords, maces, axes and polearms.

  2. Nave says:

    LOL. In an awkward way, it’s nice to see you make the same mistakes that many of us mere mortal rogues have made many times over…

    Curious: are you going to update the leveling guides too, or are you mostly focused on endgame now? Also, do you have a HaT build/guide? My guild master and friend is an 80 hunter, so I’m looking into it as my dual.

  3. samueltempus says:

    I’m just as mortal, if not more so than anyone else. I make mistakes all of the time, which is one of the reasons I write here. I would have felt worse about it if the two other Rogues had figured it out before I did. 😉

    I’ll be updating all of the guides, including the leveling guides. My goal is to have the endgame guides done within a few days, and the leveling guides by the begining of next week.

    As far as a HaT guide, I don’t currently have one, but I am going to give it a shot when I finish the other 10 posts on my plate 🙂 Hopefully I’ll be able to get on that closer to the end of this month.

    – Sam

  4. Aeltyr says:

    Damn weapon skill :p

    When i switched to Combat I chose Fist/Dagger (Greed/LPC) so luckily I only had to level Unarmed ^^

    Took quite a while, though *mumbles*

  5. Anonymous says:

    omgomg im stressed every thing new !

  6. emily says:


  7. emily says:

    what is the new rotation for assasination rogue?

  8. samueltempus says:

    It’s still Mutilate to 4/5 cp Envenom, Mutilate to 4/5 cp Rupture.

    I went over startup and the changes for Hunger for Blood in my How to: Assassination guide, so there’s more information there.

    – Sam

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