3.1 Today (a.k.a. DPS testing and Rewrites)

With 3.1 going live today, I’ll be using the small amount of time before our Ulduar raid tonight to get some DPS testing comparing the improved Combat to Assassination, and determine which one (at my gear level at least) is better for single target DPS.  I hope to have those results here for your perusal tomorrow, but that’s dependant on server stability, and if they actually come up on time.

I for one am interested to see what effect the changes to Instant poison from a percentage to frequency will have on my DPS.  I’m fairly certain that this will move the Librarian’s Paper Cutter farther down the list of main hands, as a lot of what made it so great was the extra Instant Poison procs from the sheer speed of the weapon.

After the theorycrafting is finished I’ll start the rewrites  with the Combat and Assassination spec guides, and then I’ll revisit the leveling guides.  I’ll be honest though, I’m going to be pretty consumed with enjoying the game most of this week, so it might take some time to get the motivation to stop playing long enough to take the time to update all of the guides. 

– Sam

4 Responses to 3.1 Today (a.k.a. DPS testing and Rewrites)

  1. Nave says:

    I’m eagerly awaiting the updates. Especially looking forward to suggestions on dual-specing (fun and being rogue-ly are my priorities, so I’m thinking Assassination & HaT as my two…we’ll see). I’m also anxious to see what your thoughts on poisons for Mutilate are now…

    A tangential question: My rogue happens to be a 435 scribe as well. To finance my future dual-spec, what do you think I should make and sell this week, Glyph of Mutilate? Just curious…

  2. samueltempus says:

    I’ve not made a ton of money off of my inscription myself, but that’s a solid glyph. I couldn’t tell you how much you’d make off of it, but assuming that Combat doesn’t overtake Mutilate in damage, it’s probably going to net you some gold.

    – Sam

  3. Chronic says:

    You’re right, the LPC is definitely going to be less valuable. Slow daggers are generally a lot more attractive now, which makes gearing substantially easier! Note that DP is not switching to frequency-based application so a faster offhand is still going to be an advantage, all else equal.

    Poisons for mut: MH instant, OH deadly. If your daggers are different speeds then the slower one goes in the MH.

    (also even if combat does overtake mutilate, the glyph will still sell well to PvPers)

  4. Cat says:

    @Nave: Glyph of Mutilate was going for between 15g and 80g on US Nagrand today. A lot of folks are trying out alternative raid builds as their alternate spec (rather than say a PvP spec) so Ambush, Blade Flurry, Eviscerate, Rupture, HfB etc are all going to be popular glyphs.

    The new locky glyphs seem to be in high demand too (sorry can’t remember offhand).

    — cat

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