Wow Shenanigans Support Gnome Roguery


Here’s an interesting screenshot; Anabelle, my Paladin, towering over none other than Samueltempus.  What’s truly sad is that this screenshot could have come from a handful of experiences in this particular room.

If you don’t recognize the floor, it’s from Halls of Stone, more specifically the room where you protect Brann Bronzebeard from many, many, many waves of incoming mobs.  The problem I seem to have with this room is that other tanks (non-Paladin) with the exception of a few individuals I know, have severe struggles with this event.  It’s definitely a TRI (Tank Related Issue).

How do I know that it’s a TRI?  Well, any time I run Halls of Stone on my Rogue to get the Fleshshaper Dagger off of the last boss, it’s a wipe fest on this particular event.  After about 5-8 attempts on this event with tanks that have 32-36k buffed health, I logout, switch to Anabelle, and down it on the first attempt.  I’ve done this several times, and the one-shot happens every time.

I know what you’re thinking.  Consecrate makes it easier.  I did it last night, only dropping Consecrate once.  If I can tank it basically without using Consecrate, I don’t understand why the event is so difficult for non-Paladin tanks (I’ll admit, I’ve never seen a Bear tank it).  The only things I can come up with are lack of Rage, and Runes on cooldown.

Anyway, I don’t want to rant too long about it.  I’ll say that the Fleshshaper finally dropped, so unless someone needs me to tank H HoS, I’ll likely not return.   On a happier note, my DPS went up about a hundred on a combat dummy after equipping the Fleshshaper, and that’s before an enchant.

– Sam

5 Responses to Wow Shenanigans Support Gnome Roguery

  1. Revix says:

    i’ve done it with a bunch of different tanks, including the one you had last night, pretty sure it’s just an issue with that tank in particular.

  2. samueltempus says:

    Perhaps I just know fail tanks?

    If someone would respec to a feral tanking spec instead of a DPS spec…..maybe I could find out how a druid tanks it.

    *cough* *cough*

    – Sam

  3. Lightningrod says:

    with all the gear. I have I negate to much damage and don’t get rage. I remember not getting past 40 rage when we tried

  4. samueltempus says:

    You could always swap out for some DPS gear. I’m pretty sure the mobs are level 81, and 430 would be the def cap. Going slightly under the cap wouldn’t be the end of the world in that situation either. You’d take more damage and generate more rage.

    This practice was not uncommon at all for Paladin tanks in BC. Before the change to Blessing of Sanctuary, if we overgeared the content, we were OOM in not time. Just a thought.

    – Sam

  5. Matt says:

    The paladin’s six second Shield and Hammer of Righteousness are the keys here. The range of the jumps is greater than the Warrior equivalences as is the threat produced coupled with 3 target taunts (which are the maximum number of each wave of adds).

    Warriors hit two things – more with TC every 4 seconds – but the range is smaller – and provides less threat cover than the paladin equivalent. Where the warrior shines however is with Vigilance. Virtually everyone in the group is taking damage so putting this ANYWHERE would allow for taunting madness, albeit one at a time.

    All in all – I have both a paladin tank and a warrior tank – the paladin is MUCH easier to manage this encounter with (and tank in general) using 69696 rotations.

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